June Refugee Numbers: 43 States ‘Welcomed’ Refugees, but None Placed in Delaware

As regular readers know, Comrade Joe has promised to aim for 62,500 refugees to be admitted to the US through the US Refugee Admissions Program by the end of this September.

For new readers, these are ‘refugees’ chosen by the UN from largely Africa, Asia and the Middle East and do NOT include the hundreds of thousands of border invaders.

1,530 impoverished third worlders were admitted in June which brings the total for the first nine months of Fiscal year 2021 to 4,780.  At this rate they will have to do some serious ‘welcoming’ to reach even Trump’s lowest admission record of all time—11,814.

You can see the limited data available at the Refugee Processing Center.

At the end of the Trump administration the data was voluminous, but now is limited to only the most cursory information.

The first thing I noticed when looking at the data was that it sure looks like we are still moving the entirety of the Democratic Republic of Congo to America!  More on that in a minute.

And, I noticed that some of the usual top ‘welcoming’ states were not at the top any longer and some others had crept into the top ten.

The regulars Texas, New York, Michigan and California are there, but Kentucky! beats out California for a spot in the top five when it comes to admitting the Congolese.  Big Poultry must need workers!

Kentucky got 92 refugees in June and 81 were from the DR Congo!

Six states and the District of Columbia got zip, zero, nada refugees. West Virginia got one refugee this year.

Joe Biden’s Delaware was one of the six that have none.

In fact, long time readers know that Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy created the refugee program back in 1979, and yet Delaware has only received a handful of refugees over the last 40 years.

Here are the states (and the District of Columbia) which had no resettlements this fiscal year:  Alabama, Delaware, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Wyoming.  New readers are always fascinated to hear that Wyoming has never allowed any refugee resettlement.

Here is the top ten line up.  Although the numbers are small so far, you should consider these as leading contenders for the big flood Biden promises for FY22 (125,000 anticipated) which begins on October 1, 2021—in less than three months.

NY (117)

MI (100)

KY (92)

TX (82)

WI (78)  This is the first time I have seen Wisconsin even in the top ten!

CA (74)

AZ (71)

GA (65)

TN (65)

CO (62)  I don’t recall Colorado ever being in the top ten either.

More than 50% of this month’s ‘new American refugees’ (829) are from the DR Congo.

And, because it is so easy to go down memory lane and bring you older posts (from when the data was still available at the Refugee Processing Center), here is a 2019 post (with screenshots) in which I reminded readers that it was the Obama administration that in 2013 promised the United Nations we would move 50,000 Congolese to a town near you over the following five years.

In 2019 we were already 8,999 over that cap!  I said then that I doubted even the Trump State Department remembered there was a cap of 50,000.

We could easily be pushing 70,000 now, but the data is not available.

Obama Told UN We Would Take 50,000 Congolese Refugees in Five Years! Time is up!

Nearly 400 Refugees Arrive in US During Supposed VIRUS Moratorium

I know there is a lot occupying your minds in these challenging times, but just thought some of you might like to know where the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program is these days.

In mid-March the UN stopped, or so they said, refugee travel worldwide due to the Chinese virus crisis, but obviously our US State Department is still admitting refugees although way below the normal numbers.


This morning I checked the data base at the Refugee Processing Center and was surprised to see that since the moratorium was announced in the middle of March we admitted 382 refugees.

134 of those came between May first and today, June first.  79 of the 134 are Muslims (THERE IS NO MUSLIM BAN).

There has been no official word that the travel restrictions have been lifted, or none I have seen I should say.

The top sending countries for May were Burma (22), Iran (18), Pakistan (16), Sudan (14) and Syria (14).   21 of the Burmese are Rohingya Muslims.

Of the 18 Iranians, only 2 are Muslim. Of the 16 Pakistanis, 11 are Muslims and all of the Sudanese and Syrians are Muslims.  6 Somali Muslims were ‘welcomed’ too.

Here (below) is a map where the 382 refugees, who have been admitted since we supposedly weren’t admitting refugees, were placed.

I’ve never seen Idaho in the top ten ‘welcoming’ states, but at the moment it is 5th.


I know the print is small so here are the top ten states which are adding refugees to their already COVID-stressed communities.

Texas (is always number one!)



North Carolina



New York




As for the Special Immigrant Visas from Afghanistan, I see that we admitted only 40 in the months of April and May when the number for March was 1,594.  After admitting 67,731 since 2007, is it possible we now have ‘rescued’ them all?

COVID in the camps?

One more thing, if you have been waiting with bated breath to hear whether the COVID “wildfire” has arrived in the big refugee camps worldwide, I can report this morning that no, the media is still waiting in anticipation of the “catastrophe” that has not materialized so far.


Five Months Into Fiscal Year, 6,273 Refugees Admitted; Big Story is Number of Afghans

As you all know by now the President submitted a refugee cap of 18,000 refugees to be admitted to the US between October 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020 (FY2020).  Five months into the fiscal year, the number stands at just over 6,000 according to the Refugee Processing Center.

But, not counted in that number is a special category of nationals from Afghanistan and Iraq known as Special Immigrant Visa holders who supposedly worked with us during those two long wars.  They are admitted with their families and are treated as refugees, but rarely mentioned.

(Don’t miss Daniel Greenfield’s piece on the “interpreter scam” where he did a deep dive into the numbers of Special Immigrant Visa holders, mostly Muslims, entering the US.)

Another 6,221 Afghans and 146 Iraqis were admitted (as SIVs) in this fiscal year (so far) bringing the total of those given all the benefits of refugee resettlement to 12,640 in the last five months.

I think we should get used to referring to the refugee numbers that way—adding together the regular refugees and the SIVs.

Here (below) is a map showing where the regular refugees were resettled.

The top ten ‘welcoming’ states are Washington, California, Texas, New York, Michigan, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Minnesota, and Ohio.


How many Muslims?

If you are wondering how many of the 6,273 regular refugees are Muslims, the number is 1,233. There is no Muslim ban!

Top Muslim sending countries so far this year:

Afghanistan: 514

Burma: 143

Iraq: 136

Syria: 115

Somalia: 80

Special Immigrant Visas…

So as I said above, so far this fiscal year we have admitted 6,221 Afghan SIVs.

In FY19 the number was 7,703, FY18 9,651 and in Trump’s first year FY17—a whopping 16,866!

There is no breakdown of religions for SIVs, but I suspect that virtually all of the Special Immigrant Visas are Muslims. If I am right and the vast majority are Muslims then 60% of the refugees/SIVs entering the US right now are Muslim.

There is also no map for SIVs, but there is a spreadsheet at the Refugee Processing Center.

See where most of the Afghan SIVs have been placed since FY07. Out of a total admissions number of 65,916. Five states have taken on most of the financial burden of these special ‘refugees.’

California: 24,307

Texas: 9,913

Virginia: 8,849

Washington: 3,806

Maryland: 3,506

Want to dig into these numbers yourself.  See my post Knowledge is Power IV on how to use the Refugee Processing Center.


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Propaganda alert! Using twitter hashtags to identify 'welcoming' states

This is very interesting, but doubtful if its conclusions are defensible…..
This study is a fascinating example of how propaganda works.  It shows one more way that the Open Borders Left and the refugee industry are using “studies” and social media to try to tell you what Americans are thinking (always pro-open borders of course).
However, as I look at this I’m thinking the side which wants to see immigration controlled is likely not using hashtags on twitter to any great degree (heck! you are probably not on twitter!) that would help balance an avalanche of pro-open borders, pro-more refugee resettlement hashtags tweeted by a small group of savvy social media Leftists.
Here is the story, and then (see below) how about a concerted effort to counter their false meme with some hashtags of our own. Check out the bias in the first line—to “truly understand” they claim “dialogue on twitter” is definitive!

To truly understand American sentiment toward refugees and to see where they are most welcome in the U.S., we decided to explore dialogue on Twitter. We conducted this research with the help of our friends at International Rescue Committee so that we could better understand the response to the refugee crisis across the country. Which states are talking about refugees the most? And where do the most positive tweets come from? Do positive tweets about refugees fluctuate according to world events?

By analyzing tweets with related hashtags (such as #openborders, #refugeeswelcome, and #(in)humane) in the U.S. since January 2015, we are able to tell a story that is not often covered in the news — that many Americans are sympathetic toward refugees and do want to help. Continue reading to see which states and cities are tweeting their support.To truly understand American sentiment toward refugees and to see where they are most welcome in the U.S., we decided to explore dialogue on Twitter. We conducted this research with the help of our friends at International Rescue Committee [No surprise that the richest of US resettlement contractors is involved! LOL!—ed] so that we could better understand the response to the refugee crisis across the country. Which states are talking about refugees the most? And where do the most positive tweets come from? Do positive tweets about refugees fluctuate according to world events?

Now check out their states which they claim are most “welcoming” because of positive words and hashtags!!!
If you are tweeting from the top ten, and want to see the refugee program stopped or defunded, you have work to do!
There is a list of states with the most negative tweets on refugees too!  Check it out! Click here. Wisconsin is in the ten states which tweeted more negative tweets on refugees—sure hope the message got to Speaker Paul Ryan!
If you are in one of the top ten ‘welcoming’ states according to this twitter study, or any state for that matter, it’s time to tweet and use some hashtags of our own.
I’m going to start using hashtags such as: #RefugeeInvasion, #SyrianInvasion, #UnvettedSyrians, #sickrefugees, #DefundRefugees, #refugeepropaganda, #refugeeseeding…  And, surely you can think of more of your own!
By the way, the article lead us to this story from Louise, Mississippi where last year the town fathers said they want Syrian refugees among others to be resettled in Louise.  When I have a minute I’ll look and see if they got any yet and whether I should put Louise on my list of new sites.

See list of states receiving over 1,000 refugees in last 8 months; zip for Montana and Wyoming

I found this very informative map earlier this morning and want you to see it.   Just over 40,000 refugees have been resettled in the US this fiscal year (FY 2015 began October 1, 2014) and this map is up to date as of May 31, 2015.

Teddy and Joe created the Refugee Act of 1980! What do you know, Delaware has gotten a whole 6 refugees this fiscal year. That is a record high number I think!

Here are the states that have received over 1,000 refugees this fiscal year, so far:

Texas:  4,284

California: 3,370

New York: 2,297

Michigan: 1,817

Arizona: 1,810

Ohio: 1,681

Washington: 1,602

Georgia: 1,598

Pennsylvania: 1,535

Florida:  1,513

Illinois:  1,501

Minnesota: 1,426

North Carolina: 1,327

Kentucky: 1,070

Colorado: 1,054

Indiana: 1,038

Can you believe it!  Veep Joe Biden’s Delaware actually got a whole 6 refugees this year (zero has been their allotment in recent years).
Winners are Montana and Wyoming each with zero so far!
Just a reminder, these are the numbers for resettled refugees only, and it doesn’t include successful asylum seekers, Special Immigrant Visa holders, Cuban/Haitian parolees or the unaccompanied alien children now being treated as ‘refugees.’