So did President Trump get blindsided by Dept. of State announcement last month?

That would be the announcement that the State Department was going to almost double the number of refugees being admitted to the country from around 900 a week to 1,500 a week. (So far that rate has not materialized!) We reported the stunning news from the New York Times here. Thanks to Richard at Blue […]

Coming April 25th? A clothing line for fashionable refugee activists

As reader John, who sent this tweet to me said, ‘you can’t make this up!’ Or, you could!  (Posted here because we have to laugh from time to time. Alinsky said so!) Laugh of the day….       Spoof? There is a Marvaan website, here. Check it out!  And, they do make some clothing […]

Did UPS plane(s) secretively bring "refugees" to America from the Middle East?

I don’t know! (Sorry if you were expecting a definitive answer!) The rumor has been going around for months (surely you’ve seen it). My first reaction is to dismiss the story because it would require so many people in-the-know and I can’t believe that they would all stay silent for so long.  Or, since everyone […]

Is there a plan to resettle Somali refugees in St. Maries, Idaho? How does one find out?

Yesterday a reader sent this: Last night I was told that Somali Refugees are going to be placed in St. Maries, Idaho sometime in September, the person who told me swore it was from a very reliable federal government connected source. I haven’t yet confirm this but would like to get the word out that […]

Are Boston terrorists refugees? (updated!) (update! Politico says yes)

Update April 20th:  It is time for a moratorium on Muslim immigration.  Media twisting the truth, here. Update #12:  Radio talk show host Howie Carr was on O’Reilly tonight and pretty clearly described the benefits refugees receive from the US taxpayer. He wondered why the citizens of Massachusetts didn’t get a say about whether they […]

Rumors abound as Tyson Foods continues to send mixed messages

The Times-Gazette in Shelbyville, TN has a new story today laying out the time line of the developing story we first posted here before Christmas about an alleged terror threat at the Tyson Foods meatpacking plant, the same plant we have been writing about for years! T-G Reporter Brian Mosely asks about the mixed messages […]

Rumor: The federal government supplements some refugee salaries

A reader sent me this e-mail yesterday, and I don’t know the answer.  Maybe one of you do. [Recently] I got a call from someone who had a small business some years back. He told me a refugee approached him for a job at that time and said he (the refugee) could work for $4.00 […]

Episcopal Migration Ministries lobbies for more money, forget meaningful reform

Episcopal Migration Ministries held its annual conference in Washington, DC recently so that they could lobby Congress for more money for the refugee program.  They call it “reforming” the program but I have doubts we will see any meaningful reform anytime soon—it’s all about the funding stupid. Before I proceed with more of this recent news […]

Comments worth noting: It’s clear that you are anti-immigrant

Yesterday I posted on the ‘rumor’ that a new volag was being created by the US State Department—Kurdish Human Rights Watch. We received two comments about this that were posted on a differant post (this one).  So that readers don’t overlook them, here they are below: From reader “Handren:” It’s clear that you are anti-immigrant, […]

A new volag? A Kurdish federal government contractor?

Update March 5th:  Two comments on this post were posted elsewhere at RRW, so I’ve highlighted them as ‘comments worth mentioning’ here. I’m posting this in our ‘rumors’ category!   There is a story going around that instead of doing away with the volags (supposedly voluntary government refugee contractors) something I advocate, we are now adding […]