Playing the Catholic card at the Supreme Court last week

Update April 30th: Jihad Watch: Bishops to Americans: Drop dead! Did you know that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops filed an amicus brief against the Trump Administration in the travel ban case before the high court? I didn’t, but it really isn’t a surprise. Of course, they are free to file briefs, but I […]

Does America have a moral obligation to resettle refugees?

That is the question a young opinion writer asks and answers (in the affirmative of course!) in the wake of Wednesday’s Supreme Court hearing on the President’s travel ban. The long opinion piece in Deseret News by writer Gillian Friedman evoked a largely negative response by readers.  I especially got a chuckle out of this […]

Ridiculous comments made on steps of Supreme Court yesterday

Ridiculous and ungrateful I should say….     (See my post yesterday about the Supreme Court hearing on the travel ban.) Now, look at this headline from Talking Points Memo: ‘They Bomb Us, Then Ban Us:’ The Scene Outside SCOTUS Before The Travel Ban Case And, then the reporter goes on to report from migrants […]

Supremes to hear Trump travel ban case today, fears Trump will win

According the NPR people lined up as early as this past Sunday in order to get a coveted seat for the hearing on the President’s travel ban.     National Public Radio‘s Nina Totenberg has a lengthy, pretty straightforward, story. Here is a bit of it: The Supreme Court’s Grand Finale: Trump’s Travel Ban The […]

Muslim Advocates want DOJ and DHS to withdraw report on immigrant terrorism

This case filed in a California court (where else!) comes on the eve of the US Supreme Court hearing on the so-called Trump Muslim ban case scheduled to be heard this Wednesday. See Reuters here for: Trump’s travel ban faces U.S. Supreme Court showdown. Following is the news about the DHS/DOJ report that accompanied the ban […]

Supreme Court won’t hear ‘travel ban’ case, but refugee portion not addressed

I wish I could explain to you what all of this means for the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program which we reported got off to a flying start for FY18 with 98 arrivals since October 1, but I can’t.  I’m not a lawyer and the whole thing just seems like a huge mess that should not […]

Except for Somalia and Syria, new rules for travel to US won’t have much impact on refugee program

In Trump’s new mixed bag, most of the eight countries are not significantly represented in the US Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP). Editor:  By the way, I assume you saw that the Supreme Court has cancelled arguments on the previous travel ban, here.  I don’t know yet what that means for the refugee portion of the […]

Two weeks away from new fiscal year, FY17 refugee ceiling surpassed by 2,282 refugees

So why is that significant? Never in the history of the Refugee Act of 1980 has a CEILING been breached. That happened because the US Supreme Court unconstitutionally changed refugee law when it set exceptions to its concurrence that Trump did have the legal right to cap refugee numbers. As we wait for the Presidential […]

9th Circuit once again throws monkey wrench into US Refugee Admissions Program

Groups like the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and International Refugee Assistance Project, with their lawsuits through friendly courts, have so perverted the legal process that has been in place since 1980 for admitting refugees that there is even more reason for President Donald Trump to simply suspend the USRAP for FY18 which begins in 22 […]

Don't get too bogged down in legal wrangling on refugees….

… September the rubber meets the road! I haven’t the time or energy tonight to sort out the latest details of what the Supreme Court did today and I’m not losing sleep over it.  I’ll have updates tomorrow after I make an early run to the airport. But, what I want to leave you with […]