Canada: Conflicts revealed between Indigenous people and refugees

Diversity is strength alert!     This isn’t supposed to be happening in welcoming Canada! Aren’t we led to believe that poor and oppressed minority people feel for each other, that there couldn’t possibly be racism when neither side is white European? “It’s further colonization,” Wirch said of refugee resettlement. “We [Indigenous people] are further […]

Israel set to deport African economic migrants, Canada says wait (they want more)

Canada is apparently the leading country to take off Israel’s hands some of the tens of thousands of Africans who entered Israel illegally. Israel says they are mostly economic migrants and not legitimate refugees. Canada wants a bunch, so why they are dragging their feet isn’t clear. And, readers, know that the US is taking […]

Canada: Somali refugee terrorist in custody

“We know that Canada’s strength comes from our diversity!” (Prime Minister Trudeau) Lost in the horrific news from Nevada, is this story from Canada where another Somali refugee (a known wolf!) uses a car and a knife to ‘thank’ the country that ‘welcomed’ him and gave him shelter. (See Somali slasher story from Ohio, here) […]

One Catholic in the world is not advocating for the wholesale movement of Syrians to the West….

He is the Archbishop of Aleppo, Syria and in this interview with Catholic News Service he is highly critical of Canada’s mass importation of Syrians.  (By the way, we have never seen a breakdown of the percentage of Muslim v. Christian Syrians Canada is admitting.) I’m guessing he would be even more appalled if he […]

Canada wants more private groups to sponsor refugees

Private charitable groups need to put their money where their mouth is! Unlike the US where the federal taxpayer is on the hook for refugee resettlement via contractors (like the USCCB in the previous post), Canada has some private refugee resettlement.    Before the Refugee Resettlement Act of 1980 (Kennedy, Biden, Carter), US resettlement was done […]