American Congress for Truth blog: Somali Muslims

Jerry Gordon at the American Congress for Truth blog has also been following Somali Muslim immigrant activities in several posts in recent months. (Hat tip:  blulitespecial) 

Here is one which quotes a Somali student leader about a special prayer room in a Minnesota college.

Then here is one about a Medicaid billing scheme run by well-connected Somali immigrants that allegedly bilked the Federal government of over $1 million.

When I searched the ACT blog for ‘Somalis’ I found those stories above and more here.

By the way, most of the Somali population in America is courtesy of the Refugee Resettlement Program of the US State Department.  If you go to the ORR Annual report to Congress (2005) Appendix A you will see that we admitted 64,942 Somalis through that year and now we are admitting their families.  They have also had a lot of kids since they began arriving in the early 1980’s (Sen. Ted Kennedy’s Refugee Act of 1980).

American Congress for Truth was founded by Brigitte Gabriel a brave Lebanese woman and author of “Because they Hate”, a book I highly recommend to anyone wanting to understand more about the Islamist agenda here and around the world.