Wake up America! It’s the jihad, stupid

Writing at American Thinker yesterday, our friend Janet Levy talks about the “elephant in the room” that is almost completely ignored by the presidential candidates and for that matter our whole government—global jihad.

This campaign season, presidential candidates seem intent on battling each other with a war of words over universal healthcare, tax reform, immigration, the war in Iraq, the economy and Biblical literalism. Yet, they have spent few words on and have literally ignored the greatest threat to America and Western civilization since the Cold War: the global jihad.

We have seen this unbelievable willful ignorance demonstrated with the US State Department’s actions regarding Refugee Resettlement as they merrily bring hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants to America (208,702 between 1990 and 2003 to be exact) when there are Christians and people of other non- violent faiths who are persecuted, often by Muslims, and waiting to come.  And, when these devout Islamists arrive, with the help of “church” groups and are placed in our welfare system, many refuse to assimilate creating controversies such as the one on-going in Emporia, Kansas and the one about to explode in Shelbyville, TN.   See our Emporia category for the whole story.   Ms. Levy continues:

It is unprecedented that a minority group that freely immigrated to the United States and Europe of its own accord is now endeavoring to overhaul Western civilization to its Koran-dictated, specifications. The West, particularly America, has a tradition of welcoming people from other cultures and practitioners of different religions. However, immigrants have always assimilated and strengthened American society rather than demand that we adopt their ways at the expense of our own.

Remember Imam Hendi, “30 Muslim mayors by 2015”!   See especially this post.