Campaign underway to bring North Korean refugees to the US

So far we have only brought a few North Korean refugees here, but the push is on.   I don’t have anything definitive, but it’s just like the Rohingya situation, one starts to hear the faint drumbeats that the US MUST save another beleaguered group. 

This is from something called MyDD (direct democracy) which I confess is a political blog I had never heard of:

This is a terrible situation [Editor: aren’t they all?]. Surely, the United States has it in our hearts to provide some kind of help to North Koreans living as refugees in China.

North Korea pays China a bounty of around $300 for each North Korean caught and returned to North Korea. Returned escapees will typically be prosecuted, then imprisoned, or, if it is their third attempt, summarily executed, for the crime of betraying the fatherland by leaving.

Surely the US could match that $300 [Editor: can you see it now, a bidding war with North Korea to benefit the Chinese] and provide a new start for North Korean refugees somewhere in the US, where they would be happy to get a new start. Many have led terrible lives and they are also discriminated against in South Korea.

And then this:

They need a safe place they can go and live in peace.

Why the heck should the South Koreans discriminate against their cultural kin.  South Korea is a peaceful prosperous country and if they are a friend of ours, we should tell them to take in their own people! 

Besides, a reader tells me (but I haven’t researched it yet) that there is a shortage of marriageable men for South Korean women and that they are importing Thais for husbands (oh brother!).

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