Heritage Foundation finds over 100 missing comments late today; most very critical of refugee program

Earlier today we told you that many of you had contacted me to say you had commented at the Heritage Foundation website where the venerable Washington DC think tank had sought comments on its proposal to “reform” the US Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP), but that your comments were only visible to you (the author).

Trump at Heritage foundation
The President spoke at the Heritage Foundation last month. Heritage may be right on a lot of issues, but they are way off base on the USRAP—an issue on which they have had very little experience.

See my post here yesterday and here this morning where we speculated that Heritage either had technical difficulties or was deliberately shadow-banning comments.

However, sometime late this afternoon, without explanation, the comment counter jumped from 28, where it had hovered all day, to 137 (where it is now).

Please go here to see that the vast majority of those commenting want a serious reform of the USRAP or a complete halt to the program, not the ‘reform’ prepared by Heritage Foundation experts that sounded more like a product drafted by the US State Department espousing its foreign policy goals with no consideration for the impact on US taxpayers and citizens in refugee-stressed towns.

In addition to concerns over refugees, many of those who commented demonstrated what we already knew from the election of Donald Trump last fall—American citizens want immigration brought under control and they want a wall!

It isn’t too late to comment so please do that, here.

Tell the President! Not foreign policy objectives first, America first!

But, more importantly, it is imperative that you take a few extra minutes and write to the White House and alert the President that the Heritage Foundation Refugee Reform proposal, that was presented to the National Security Council last week, is way off the mark and must not be given serious consideration by members of your Administration.

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