Republicans Will Make the Case FOR More Refugees for America

That is how the Niskanen Center (a Libertarian think tank that promotes open borders) bills its upcoming policy briefing.  They believe we need the steady supply of cheap labor for big business. And, apparently want to help the Dems increase their voter base!

The panel includes the HERITAGE FOUNDATION!

(See earlier posts on how the supposedly conservative Heritage Foundation has jumped on the increase refugee admissions bandwagon.)

New Briefing: Republicans Make The Case for Refugees

Tuesday, October 20, 2020 [Register Here]

The Trump administration has decreased refugee resettlement to a record low level, upending decades of bipartisan support. Historically, Republican administrations have resettled high numbers of refugees in furtherance of national security, foreign policy, and humanitarian objectives. [And, because they shill for big corporations like the meatpackers!—ed]

Moderated by Niskanen’s Matthew La Corte, the panel will explore the policy and politics of improving and expanding our refugee resettlement system, and how to rebuild bipartisan support for refugees. [They clearly think that a Biden Administration is on the way!—ed]

Speakers include:

  • Kori Schake, American Enterprise Institute

  • Former Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, (R-FL-27)

  • Olivia Enos, Heritage Foundation

  • Kristie De Peña, Niskanen Center

Heritage Foundation’s Refugee Expert Testifies in House

Thanks to a reader for bringing the Heritage Foundation’s testimony in the House Judiciary Committee in late February to my attention.

Information on the Hearing is here.

Heritage expert Lora Ries makes some good points about vetting and the lack of assimilation by some refugees.

Rep. Ilhan Omar went ‘home’ to Somalia in 2016 and perhaps other times as well.

I especially liked her point about how refugees who go ‘home’ to visit the country they claimed was persecuting them should be flagged.

But, no mention of the enormous cost to taxpayers for the program or the fact that citizens have no say about whether their community will be a drop-zone for new refugees.

Watch her testimony and see also that there are some pretty good comments by viewers.

You might add yours.



See my criticism of the Heritage Foundation here in 2017 on this issue.  They were pretty squishy!


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