Refugee Rights Activist Arrested in NYC; Alleged to Have Thrown Incendiary Device at Police Car

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Urooj Rahman prepares to throw a Molotov cocktail. Gee I wonder where she learned her bomb making skills. Nice face covering (just saying). Photo:

Actor Ben Stiller Joins Chorus: NY Taxpayers Must Shell Out for Refugees

My first thought when I saw this news was, everywhere we are told by the likes of Michael Bloomberg’s New American Economy that refugees are working and bringing economic boom times to dying cities, so why do they need more taxpayer dollars?

And, my second thought was, why can’t a bunch of entertainers like Stiller pool their excess cash and donate the $5 million. Why should the hardworking families of NY state, scrimping and saving for their kids’ college educations, have to pay anything for refugees?

Oh, but it isn’t really for the refugees, it is to keep the phony-baloney non-profit groups afloat.

From the NY Daily News:

Actor Ben Stiller joins advocates urging aid for New York refugees

ALBANY — Actor Ben Stiller’s latest role is no laughing matter.

The “Zoolander” star joined lawmakers and advocates Tuesday in the capital in calling for more money for a state-funded refugee program.

Stiller is an ambassador for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. How many refugees has he welcomed to his home?

“New York has a great history of doing this,” Stiller said. “These programs need to keep going. There’s institutional memory that needs to stay alive and as the refugee flow is lower right now at some point it’s going to come back up and these institutions need to be up and working when it happens.”

He means that they expect to oust Trump and then go back to full steam ahead with 100,000-200,000 annual refugee admissions (compared to Trump’s 18,000 this year).

And, as for this next bit, in my analysis of six of the nine major federal resettlement contractors, five are doing financially as well or better under Trump as they did under Obama.

Federal funding for refugee resettlement services has dropped significantly in recent years as Trump administration policies restricted the number of people being granted asylum or refugee status each year.


The New York State Enhanced Services to Refugees Program has received $2 million each year in the budget since it was formed in 2017 in response to the changes at the federal level.

But advocates say the state needs to step up and ensure funds are available to non-profits assisting the thousands of refugees already here.


The 14 resettlement agencies in the program, the Fiscal Policy Institute, and the New York Immigration Coalition joined Stiller, Ryan, and other lawmakers in calling for at least $5 million set aside for the program.  [They have salaries to pay, after all!—ed]

Gov. Cuomo included no funds for the measure in his fiscal proposal earlier this year.

Cuomo trying to balance his budget to slow the bleed of taxpayers leaving the state?

But, heck, a state full of fully employed refugees and immigrants paying taxes should keep the state budget flush, right?


Syracuse Letter Writer: Take Care of Americans First!

Easily the first question anyone asks who is hearing for the first time that we have admitted to the US, at great taxpayer expense, hundreds of thousands of refugees over the last four decades is this:

Why aren’t we taking care of our own vulnerable people first?

The other day when I said that we need a grassroots group called ‘Migration Moratorium Now!’ I figure the subtitle would be something like this: ‘Take Care of Americans First!’

And, that is the gist of this letter, thanks to reader Joanne for sharing it, at

Syracuse is falling apart, and Mayor Walsh’s priority is refugees?

The writer, Paul Strail, is responding to a lengthy opinion piece written by the latest liberal mayor of Syracuse, Ben Walsh, with the help of Michael Melara executive director of Catholic Charities of Onondaga County.

Here is just a bit of Mr. Strail’s response to the mayor:

Mayor Ben Walsh establishing his bonafides as an Anti-Trump liberal.

The Post-Standard recently reported that Syracuse is still one of the poorest cities in the country. Nevertheless, Mayor Ben Walsh wrote in your paper that President Donald Trump was wrong to limit the number of refugees that the United States could allow (“Dear President Trump, Syracuse wants refugees,” Sept. 26, 2019).

This seems like a strange priority for Walsh to stake out, especially because his city is falling apart . At times, there seem to be homeless men and women panhandling on every street corner. Many of these folks are veterans.


The murder rate in Syracuse is too high. Academic achievement in the city schools is too low. So, when the mayor should be focused on meeting the many vital needs of his own city, he has to let everyone know that his real concern lies in preventing Trump from restricting the flow of foreign refugees into his city. How that misguided priority will help improve the crime rate, boost academic achievement in the schools, elevate the standard of living of the city’s poor and homeless, and give struggling homeowners some kind of tax relief, is anyone’s guess.

The truth is that Syracuse’s reputation as a sanctuary city must be maintained if Walsh hopes to win the support (and donations) of enough liberal Democrats in the next election. Loudly criticizing the president is the best way to do that. The suggestion that the president must hate refugees because he is an extraordinary bigot is the means by which Walsh is feeding red meat to Syracuse’s Trump-haters.

I dare not copy any more of it, please read Mr. Strail’s sensible analysis.

One thing that the refugees of Syracuse have done is to turn this Catholic Church into a mosque. Read about how the crosses were removed and how there was to be no media coverage of the conversion.

One of the first things I would ask the mayor is this: Since Syracuse has ‘welcomed’ 10,000 refugees to the city over a recent ten year period, where is the proof that they have revitalized the city?

Indeed are they still there, or like the Bosnians who supposedly helped boost the economy of St. Louis have they moved out of a city run by progressive politicians?

Amazing how either people don’t read, or have very short memories.

In 2015 we reported on a story from the Atlantic about how Syracuse is falling into perpetual poverty as its poorer sections become poorer with the importation of already impoverished refugees!

I call this illogical argument—that refugees bring economic boom times to struggling cities—the big lie!

Syracuse, NY letter to editor: help me with Catholic Charities fuzzy math

I’m happy to report on a letter-to-the-editor at because I had meant to post on the original article that generated this reader’s letter and never got around to it.

Letter-writer George Checksfield is referring to an article, here, in which we learn that the State of New York is plugging the “hole” created by lost federal revenue for Catholic Charities (from you really, the taxpayer). 

He wants to know why does a private group like this need taxpayer dollars to hold on to employees they don’t need.

holy trinity Syracuse
In 2014, Syracuse’s Holy Trinity Catholic Church became a mosque and these Catholic Charities refugee pushers don’t even get what is happening to them.

The mainstream media rarely makes the connection clear to the average taxpaying citizen reading a story like this that there is a direct relationship between the number of refugees being brought in and Catholic Charities of Onondaga County (this one and many others throughout the US) budget.

Their payments from the feds are based on how many refugees the agency places. It is a per refugee head basis and so big families bring in bigger bucks to CC (sorry for the zillionith time I’ve repeated that!). 

When the President reduced the number of refugees being admitted to the US, it caused all these federal contractors to see their budgets shrink.

Below is a screenshot of Mr. Checksfield’s letter.

But, do not miss the nearly 30 comments, virtually all negative toward Catholic Charities, that have been sent in to

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Refugee contractor, IRC, teams with TripAdvisor to give refugees tourist opportunities for free

I guess this is going to be International Rescue Committee day at RRW (see previous post about filthy rich IRC closing an office in Kansas).

My first thought when I saw this story was that refugee resettlement sure is an industry!  And, my second thought was….

…There must be a lot of low income Americans and military vets who would like free boat tours of the Statue of Liberty and so forth.

The rich IRC gets richer and TripAdvisor gets brownie points (they think!) for their good deeds ‘Welcome Home’ (???) campaign!

From the New York Times:

From TripAdvisor, a Program to Help Refugees Get to Know the U.S.

In partnership with the International Rescue Committee, the Welcome Home initiative will offer tours and activities in New York City and Northern California for recently resettled refugees.


Trip Adviser
Interesting isn’t it: Trip Advisor has 3.61 million followers on Twitter, but could only generate 9 retweets in 17 hours for this tweet about their great refugee PR campaign.  Hmmm! Makes me realize I’m not doing so badly on Twitter after all.

TripAdvisor wants refugees to the United States to explore and get to know their new homeland, and the hospitality company’s yearlong Welcome Home campaign aims to do just that: launched last week, Welcome Home gives recently resettled refugees in New York City and parts of Northern California the opportunity to book a tour or activity of their choice through TripAdvisor Experiences, a category that offers travelers things to do in around 1,900 destinations globally.

The International Rescue Committee, a nongovernmental organization that provides services to displaced people globally, is TripAdvisor’s partner in Welcome Home and is responsible for reaching out to newly resettled refugees to tell them about the initiative.

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