Syracuse, NY letter to editor: help me with Catholic Charities fuzzy math

I’m happy to report on a letter-to-the-editor at because I had meant to post on the original article that generated this reader’s letter and never got around to it.

Letter-writer George Checksfield is referring to an article, here, in which we learn that the State of New York is plugging the “hole” created by lost federal revenue for Catholic Charities (from you really, the taxpayer). 

He wants to know why does a private group like this need taxpayer dollars to hold on to employees they don’t need.

holy trinity Syracuse
In 2014, Syracuse’s Holy Trinity Catholic Church became a mosque and these Catholic Charities refugee pushers don’t even get what is happening to them.

The mainstream media rarely makes the connection clear to the average taxpaying citizen reading a story like this that there is a direct relationship between the number of refugees being brought in and Catholic Charities of Onondaga County (this one and many others throughout the US) budget.

Their payments from the feds are based on how many refugees the agency places. It is a per refugee head basis and so big families bring in bigger bucks to CC (sorry for the zillionith time I’ve repeated that!). 

When the President reduced the number of refugees being admitted to the US, it caused all these federal contractors to see their budgets shrink.

Below is a screenshot of Mr. Checksfield’s letter.

But, do not miss the nearly 30 comments, virtually all negative toward Catholic Charities, that have been sent in to

They want to be ready to go when Trump is gone!

I took notice in the original article that the primary reason the State of NY was sending money to keep the resettlement agencies afloat is that they all expect the Trump reductions in number to end and they want to go right back (as quickly as possible!) to doing what they did for the 35 years before Trump came along!

That is why you must push the Trump Administration to reform the law before 2020—so that the refugee industry can’t go back to the same old flawed model!

Good for Mr. Checksfield for asking this question and good for  for publishing it! (And the comments, here).

More of you should do this—-write letters to the editor when you see a warm and fuzzy refugee story that bashes the President!  Educate your fellow citizens!


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