Surprise! (Not!) Trump DOJ finds another Islamic terrorist refugee living in US—an Iraqi this time!

So much for that “robust” vetting of refugees that the Obama Administration was bragging about!

Ameen lied on his refugee application to America highlighting again that it is virtually impossible to vet refugees!

Just last week it was this pair of Somalis in Arizona and now this Iraqi in California—liars living on your dime!

How many more will Trump’s Justice Department find?

From the New York Times:

ISIS Member Arrested in Sacramento, U.S. Says


Federal authorities said Wednesday they had arrested an Iraqi national and longtime member of Al Qaeda and the Islamic State who fled after killing an Iraqi police officer in 2014, eventually settling in Sacramento as a purported refugee.

The man, Omar Ameen, 45, is wanted on a murder charge in Iraq and appeared before a federal magistrate judge in Sacramento on Wednesday soon after his arrest, the Justice Department said in a statement. He is to be extradited and will face trial in his home country, prosecutors said.

Mr. Ameen has been a member of Al Qaeda in Iraq since at least 2004 and later joined the Islamic State — known as ISIS — prosecutors said, citing interviews with several witnesses. He is not known to have renounced his membership in either group, they say.

“It is common knowledge in Rawah, Iraq, that Ameen was a main local figure of AQI and ISIS,” a detention memorandum said.


In addition to the murder charge, Mr. Ameen is said to have lied on his refugee application to the United States, painting himself as a victim of violence.

One of Obama’s refugees!

Mr. Ameen concealed his identity as a member of terrorist groups and lied about his background and the circumstances surrounding his departure from Iraq, painting himself as a victim of violence, according to court documents. As a result, his refugee application was approved by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services on June 5, 2014. The agency did not immediately respond to a phone message or email seeking comment Wednesday night.

More here.

How many times have you heard the refugee contractors tell the public that refugees are the most thoroughly screened of all migrants entering the US. With these latest revelations about refugee liars we should then be very afraid of the hundreds of thousands NOT screened who are entering the US daily.

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One of many stories there is about the Iraqi refugee terrorists found to be living in Bowling Green, KY a few years back.  Then of course there is the post about the Iraqi refugee who just this month shot a police officer in Colorado Springs.


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