Canada rushed to resettle thousands of Syrians who were perfectly safe in Europe and elsewhere, says Rebel Media

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 Canada’s virtue signaler-in-chief! Trudeau with an offering!

One of his first actions was to ‘virtue signal’ by welcoming thousands of Syrian refugees, but not apparently those in the most need of protection.

I have to say this goes on all the time!

The US does it too!

Don’t get me started on our potentially fraud-ridden arrangement with Malta where beginning in the Bush Administration we were scooping up illegal aliens who reached the island nation and transforming them in to refugees for your communities.


It is a long-held understanding between nations that….

….legitimate refugees must ask for asylum in the first safe country they enter—Malta or any other EU country is safe!

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Minnesota Muslims didn’t turn out 50,000 EID celebrants…

Update:  Matthew Vadum writing at Frontpage magazine has a piece today on the gathering.

I’ve been looking around for a story that might best summarize what happened yesterday when Muslims in a supposed demonstration of power held a ‘religious’ event at Vikings Stadium in Minnesota.

When I find more stories I’ll update this post, but here is a report by Pamela Geller re-posted at the DC Clothesline with lots of photos including this one—men in front and women behind as is the tradition in Islam.

Originally printed Tuesday August 21, 2018 at Geller Report


EID at Vikings stadium



How did Minnesota get so many Somalis?

For new readers and longtime readers who may have forgotten, go here to my 2011 post that answers the question—it is one of my top most-read posts of all time.  Three federal resettlement contractors got the ball rolling because cheap laborers were needed and because Minnesota was a generous welfare state.

Now Minnesota is the top secondary migration state for Somali refugees as they head there to be with their own kind of people and build a power base.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial: Are there holes in US refugee vetting process?

I’ve marveled from time to time lately about the changes I’m seeing with media coverage of the US Refugee Admissions Program. 

Granted they are tiny changes so far, but at least some media outlets are looking more carefully at a program that NO ONE questioned eleven years ago when I first began writing RRW.

In 2007 any story about refugees was one that evoked warm feelings about the poor, downtrodden and grateful people that nice church folks were welcoming to America.

I called those stories “refugees see first snow stories.”

Omar Abdulsattar Ameen

Imagine my surprise today when I saw this editorial at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about the Iraqi refugee (alleged ISIS killer) being arrested in California.

See my previous post on Ameen’s arrest, here.


The times they are a-changin’….

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A reminder about my rules on comments

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