A reminder about my rules on comments

First, I moderate comments and sometimes I’m very remiss in getting to them, and for that I apologize.

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A friend just now alerted me to the fact that she had commented a day ago and I hadn’t posted it.  When I went to look for her comment I found about a dozen others that I missed somehow yesterday.  Were they even there yesterday when I last checked?

Also, I screen-out comments that threaten violence to anyone.  I also try hard to screen out comments with foul language.  That is difficult to do sometimes because an otherwise excellent comment might have one common swear word that I let go in order to not lose the whole comment.

If you send a link as your comment with no explanation as to how it fits my post, I often don’t post those because I haven’t the time to go to the link to find its connection to my story.  For new readers, it is just me here, no staff, no interns, no volunteers.

And, finally, I don’t want commenters making personal attacks on other commenters. Frankly when you do that it is a sign to me that you have not enough brain power to make a reasonable argument and are resorting to name-calling.

Yesterday I broke my rule (posted attacks) when an apparent troll was busy with infantile names for other commenters and suggested we white people are lazy and all live in trailer parks (racist much!).  I posted those comments just to give you a flavor of the sorts of people who do read RRW—including followers of the religion of peace like this man.

And, finally I do post opposing views and don’t weed out comments where I absolutely do not agree with the commenter’s views, just as long as there is no name-calling, foul language or threats to kill or physically harm someone!

Sorry again that I am pretty lousy at getting comments posted in a timely manner!

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