Canada rushed to resettle thousands of Syrians who were perfectly safe in Europe and elsewhere, says Rebel Media

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 Canada’s virtue signaler-in-chief! Trudeau with an offering!

One of his first actions was to ‘virtue signal’ by welcoming thousands of Syrian refugees, but not apparently those in the most need of protection.

I have to say this goes on all the time!

The US does it too!

Don’t get me started on our potentially fraud-ridden arrangement with Malta where beginning in the Bush Administration we were scooping up illegal aliens who reached the island nation and transforming them in to refugees for your communities.


It is a long-held understanding between nations that….

….legitimate refugees must ask for asylum in the first safe country they enter—Malta or any other EU country is safe!


From Rebel Media:


EXCLUSIVE: “Secret” memo reveals Canada sought Europe’s Syrian refugee “rejects”


The majority of Syrian migrants that Canada was receiving were what immigration officials called “urban refugees.” Rather than taking refugees from camps holding those in the most dire situations, Canada was taking claimants already living safely in places like Turkey or Lebanon, settled in cities and living in apartments.

In the exclusive secret memo prepared for the Immigration minister, Canada’s bureaucrats were looking for ways to bend the refugee system rules that say one can’t be settled safely somewhere else and then claim refugee asylum in Canada.

Imagine our current crisis at the border, but instead of refugees walking across the border into Canada from the U.S., they could just hop on a flight from anywhere in Europe where they had been living for several years!


….if the locals in a nation have had it with a bunch of migrants storming their border for free stuff, Canadian officials were willing to step in and bring those migrants to Canada.

Liberals were going to take refugees from Cologne or Berlin while Christians were being killed in a genocide and Yazidis were being sold like livestock into sex slavery.

More here, including how to see the report.

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