Norway building border fence with Russia, too many refugees coming through arctic

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Everybody wants a fence these days!
From the Independent:

Norway is building a steel fence at its arctic border with Russia after an influx of thousands of refugees last year.

Storskog map

The new fence, which will be around 660 feet long and 11 feet high, will stretch from the Skorskog [typo apparently, should be Storskog—ed] border point, sources in the Norwegian government told Reuters.

Construction of the fence is due to finish before winter frosts set in, making it harder to enter Norway through the forest.


Last year, Russia and Norway battled to repeatedly reject the same refugees.

Norway said it would begin sending refugees who have Russian residency permits back to Russia, arguing it had received no “satisfactory” explanation from Russia as to why it sent so many refugees to Norway rather than Finland.

Go here to see the graphic with the huge spike in Syrians claiming asylum in Norway in the last year.
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Norway paying migrants to leave! We should be doing the same thing!

Invasion of Europe news…..

I have been arguing for more than a year (ever since reader CW proposed it) that we should be setting up a “repatriation fund” to fly refugees and others home who get into the US, but discover that the streets are not paved with gold (and that they have to work in meatpacking plants!) and now want to go home.  Throw in a little extra sweetener and it will still be cheaper than paying federal contractors to get them hooked on welfare (or cause financial and social chaos in schools systems, a la Amarillo).

Norway refugees_Syria
Norway to Middle Eastern migrants: Maybe you would like to go home (where it is warmer)—we will pay you! Photo:

From The Telegraph:

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) says the measure is less expensive than keeping refugees in immigration centres in the country.

Launched on Monday, the scheme will run for six weeks, state broadcaster NRK reported UDI saying.

The money will be paid to the first 500 asylum seekers to apply on a first-come, first-served basis.

“We need to entice more [people] to voluntarily travel back by giving them a bit more money on their way out. This will save us a lot of money because it is expensive to have people in the asylum centres,” Sylvi Listhaug, integration minister, said.

The 10,000 kroner would be in addition to the 20,000 kroner already given to asylum seekers and migrants in an irregular situation who wish to return voluntarily from Norway to their country of origin.

More here.
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Syrians safe in Russia are taking the "opportunity" to slip into Norway to seek asylum

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Update October 16th:  Norway says it will send Syrians back to Russia, here.

Norway invasion map
Wall Street Journal graphic at:

This story reminded me of the post we wrote in August about a Syrian woman saying that many Syrians are just “opportunists!”
Here, The Daily Caller reports on a NY Times article about the latest wave of Syrians this time making their way through Russia.
LOL! most likely encouraged by Putin (is he buying the bikes?) because he doesn’t want a huge Muslim population in Russia.
By the way, remember! legitimate asylum seekers are to request asylum in the first safe country they reach.   Asylum law was never intended to promote “asylum shopping” which is exactly what is being encouraged in Europe now where phony refugees are looking for the best deal they can get—Norway in this case!
Staying in Russia is not an option for these Syrians….
I’m guessing this route is going to be closed as the winter sets in!
Daily Caller:

Some Syrians living peacefully in Russia are taking advantage of the migrant crisis to seek asylum in Europe by way of a newly popular route into Norway.

“Syrian citizenship generally confers Refugee status in Europe,” notes Andrew Higgins of The New York Times, in a report about the exploding popularity of a route from Russia into northern Norway. Some Syrians already living in Russia are now using that route to pop across the border and claim asylum they normally might not be granted.

They see the path across the Russian border with Norway as a newly available opportunity for “a better life,” reported the Times. The outpost they’re heading for is 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

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Opposition caves, Norway says it will take 8,000 Syrians before end of 2017

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UNHCR Antonio Guterres: Got’em by the short hairs now!

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (the same one telling the US to take 65,000 Syrians) has apparently won over the Norwegian right and now Norway has said it will take 8,000 Syrians CHOSEN BY THE UN and move them to towns across Norway (with a little cash thrown in to local governments as sweetener).

There has been enormous reluctance by most Western countries to take in Syrians (mostly Sunni Muslims who cannot be thoroughly screened) and the UNHCR had to break the logjam.

 They will now use Norway to guilt-trip other reluctant countries into opening their doors to Syrians.

Watch for it!  The next thing we will hear is that ‘If Norway can take 8,000, surely the US can take 65,000!’

Even more puzzling is that this decision, to trust the UN, was apparently made after it was learned that there were ISIS fighters in the allotment the UNHCR had already selected for Norway!
From Hurriyet Daily News:

Norway has agreed to take in 8,000 Syrian refugees by the end of 2017, under an agreement reached June 10 by most of the Scandinavian country’s political parties.

The country now plans to welcome 2,000 Syrians this year, that is 500 more than previously planned, followed by 3,000 each year in 2016 and 2017.

The new figures aim to meet a quota set by the UN refugee agency UNHCR.

A compromise came after long discussions between the right-wing minority government, which had opposed allowing in any more refugees, and centre and left-wing parties, which wanted to accept 10,000 people in two years.

Under the agreement, financial aid will be distributed to the country’s regions to encourage them to give shelter to those fleeing Syria’s four-year war.

Another 5,000 refugees who have already been granted residence permits in Norway are still living in community shelters, and need to be given homes.

“This is an important step in the right direction,” the Norwegian Refugee Council aid agency said in response to the announcement.

“NRC now urges other European countries to follow. With some exceptions, like Germany, the European countries have done far too little in response to the largest humanitarian crisis in our generation,” it added.

The UNHCR has called on the international community to resettle more people fleeing Syria’s civil war, which it says has triggered the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II.

Learn more about the Jihad Caucus and the pressure they are putting on Obama to admit 65,000 Syrians before his term ends, here

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Surprise (not!): ISIS-related terrorists found among UN-chosen Syrian refugees destined for Norway

Just as we have been warning! 

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is picking our refugees too!  And, here in Norway they have discovered Islamic terrorists among the chosen!

UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, is selecting the Syrians for your towns. They are doing a lousy job for Norway, what about for us?

When House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul speculated a week or so ago that the Syrian flow to America could be a “jihadi pipeline,” he was right!  The 14 Senators of the ‘Jihad Caucus’ are willing to put you in danger when they demand that Obama admit 65,000!
From The Local (hat tip: Joanne):

Several refugees sent to Norway under the UN’s quota system turned out to have close links to the terror groups Islamic State (IS) and the al-Nusra Front, Norway’s Police Security Service (PST) has revealed.

According to the service, between five and ten of the 1,000 Syrians chosen to go to Norway by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), were discovered to have links to the one of the two terror groups.

“Unfortunately, there are some who try to exploit and abuse the refugee agency,” Police Superintendent Svein Erik Molstad told Norway’s Dagbladet newspaper. “We have discovered more quota refugees with ties to the al-Nusra front and IS,” he said.

Look at this! Norway sends its Security Service to the Middle East. Is that where the terrorists were discovered and intercepted?  Do we send the FBI to UN camps as well?

PST investigators have so far made two trips to the Middle East, where it works with Norway’s Foreign Ministry to vet refugees passed to Norway under the UN’s quota system.

According to Molstad, the investigations have also uncovered refugees with backgrounds in Syria’s feared secret police, as well as others suspected of carrying out war crime’s during the country’s ongoing civil war.

Although PST is now working in the Middle East, its officers neither interview nor have other direct contact with prospective refugees.

Dagbladet has also learned of Islamic extremists using refugee reception centres as recruiting grounds for terrorists.

Let’s do the math.  If the Norwegian secret service found 10 of 1000 UNHCR refugees with terror connections, that is 1% of the total.  If we admit 65,000, 1% is 650 (LOL! Check my math!).  650 with terror ties could sure cause a lot of mayhem here in America.
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