Surprise (not!): ISIS-related terrorists found among UN-chosen Syrian refugees destined for Norway

Just as we have been warning! 

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is picking our refugees too!  And, here in Norway they have discovered Islamic terrorists among the chosen!

UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, is selecting the Syrians for your towns. They are doing a lousy job for Norway, what about for us?

When House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul speculated a week or so ago that the Syrian flow to America could be a “jihadi pipeline,” he was right!  The 14 Senators of the ‘Jihad Caucus’ are willing to put you in danger when they demand that Obama admit 65,000!
From The Local (hat tip: Joanne):

Several refugees sent to Norway under the UN’s quota system turned out to have close links to the terror groups Islamic State (IS) and the al-Nusra Front, Norway’s Police Security Service (PST) has revealed.

According to the service, between five and ten of the 1,000 Syrians chosen to go to Norway by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), were discovered to have links to the one of the two terror groups.

“Unfortunately, there are some who try to exploit and abuse the refugee agency,” Police Superintendent Svein Erik Molstad told Norway’s Dagbladet newspaper. “We have discovered more quota refugees with ties to the al-Nusra front and IS,” he said.

Look at this! Norway sends its Security Service to the Middle East. Is that where the terrorists were discovered and intercepted?  Do we send the FBI to UN camps as well?

PST investigators have so far made two trips to the Middle East, where it works with Norway’s Foreign Ministry to vet refugees passed to Norway under the UN’s quota system.

According to Molstad, the investigations have also uncovered refugees with backgrounds in Syria’s feared secret police, as well as others suspected of carrying out war crime’s during the country’s ongoing civil war.

Although PST is now working in the Middle East, its officers neither interview nor have other direct contact with prospective refugees.

Dagbladet has also learned of Islamic extremists using refugee reception centres as recruiting grounds for terrorists.

Let’s do the math.  If the Norwegian secret service found 10 of 1000 UNHCR refugees with terror connections, that is 1% of the total.  If we admit 65,000, 1% is 650 (LOL! Check my math!).  650 with terror ties could sure cause a lot of mayhem here in America.
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