Christians in Iraq utter desperate plea to the West: Destroy ISIS or open your doors and save us!

Just as the US Conference of Catholic Bishops lobbies Congress and the White House to admit 65,000 Syrian refugees (over 90% will be Muslims) a Catholic cleric in Iraq begs the West to save the Christians from the Muslim invaders.
You can bet I’ll be watching to see if the US Bishops say a word about their fellow Christians.
If any of you see a statement (other than a few words of sympathy) from the Bishops, please let me know.  I have never seen one of the nine contractors say that we must first save the Christians!
Imagine what an earth-shaking event it would be if the federal resettlement contractors refused to resettle Muslims while Christians in Iraq were being persecuted.
From World Net Daily today (emphasis is mine):

A leading Iraqi prelate has called on the U.S. and its allies to double down on their efforts to defeat ISIS militarily, and, if that is not possible, to rescue Iraq’s 120,000 exiled Christians and grant them asylum in the West.


Archbishop Mouche [Syrian Catholic Archbishop Yohanna Mouche] said if the West is unable or unwilling to expand its military options against ISIS, then it should open its doors to Christians and other minorities seeking asylum.

“I am calling on the international community: if they cannot protect us, then they must open their doors and help us start a new life elsewhere,” he said.

But “we would prefer to remain in Iraq and be protected here,” he added.


The United States, which accepts the majority of the world’s refugees and asylum seekers, has taken in 119,210 refugees from Iraq since 2008, but 72,983 or 61 percent of those have been Muslims and only 42,000 or 35 percent have been Christian, according to U.S. State Department data.

As for the other major Middle Eastern source of refugees, Syria, the numbers are even more slanted toward Muslims. Among the nearly 850 Syrian refugees sent to the U.S. for permanent resettlement since the outbreak of the Syrian civil war, 92 percent have been Muslim and less than 6 percent Christian.


Christians pose no security risks, yet they have been left largely to fend for themselves, said Joel Richardson, author and filmmaker who has recently been on missions trips to Iraq.

“There’s no question we need to open our doors to the Christians of Iraq,” he told WND. “There’s been a lot of anecdotal evidence that within Congress and the various departments and channels that oversee U.S. immigration that for some mysterious reason we’re putting up these roadblocks that prevent these Christians from coming to the U.S. when we’re morally obligated to let them in particularly in light of the fact that there is zero security risk and most of their plight can be attributed to the foreign policy blunders of the U.S. State Department under Barack Obama that was led by Hillary Clinton.”


While the Christian refugees of Iraq pose no security risk, the loudest voices in the refugee resettlement industry, such as former U.K. Foreign Minister David Miliband, who now heads the International Rescue Committee, have lobbied in recent months almost exclusively on behalf of the Syrian refugees. Miliband and others have said the U.S. needs to take in at least 65,000 Syrian refugees by the end of 2016.

This same demand — for the U.S. to accept 65,000 Syrian refugees — has been made by the Refugee Council USA, the main lobbying arm of the nine agencies that do the resettlement work under contract for the U.S. government.

There is much more in this exclusive report, continue reading here.

Weekly RRW round-up for week ending June 13th, 2015

As you might have gathered, I’ve been away in Dallas this week where I met some really wonderful people!  As a result of the travel time, posting was lighter than usual.
And, although it didn’t rank in our top three posts this week, I can’t emphasize enough the points I made in Part III of my Texas trilogy of posts.  That post is a prescription, albeit incomplete, of some of the things you must do where you live.

Ann Coulter
Get it! Read it!

There is no silver bullet and certainly no political leader you can look to willing to save your community!  Saving your community is up to you, and it’s going to take a lot of hard work (LOL! that means community organizing!).

By the way, I haven’t finished Ann Coulter’s Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole,’  but definitely recommend that you read it too!  She takes on LEGAL immigration!

Top Posts

Here then are our Top Three Posts of the week (daily Top Posts are in the right hand sidebar).  I was interested to see that number 2 in the list is an older post that someone must have discovered and then sent out on facebook this week.

1. The number one resettlement state in America is Texas (primer Part I)

2. Dead Somali ISIS fighter had ties to Lewiston, Maine

3. Invasion of Europe: UK says 500,000 migrants waiting to make Mediterranean crossing into Europe

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Lewiston, ME: As Somali population grows, police chief looks to hire Somali cops

While I was away, I missed posting this story from World Net Daily.  It is not just about the police chief’s new officer recruitment, but is a good summary of how Lewiston became the Little Mogadishu of New England.

Protesters chant outside city hall in Lewiston, Maine, after delivering petitions asking for the resignation of the city's mayor because of comments he made about Somali refugees,Thursday, Oct. 4, 2012. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)
Protesters chant outside city hall in Lewiston, Maine, after delivering petitions asking for the resignation of the city’s mayor because of comments he made about Somali refugees,Thursday, Oct. 4, 2012. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

If you would like to catch up on the happenings in Lewiston, including the case of the Somali kid who burned down an apartment building, see our huge archive, here, on the little city being colonized.
I’ve only snipped a small segment of the story by Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily, so be sure to read the whole thing:

“One place in Lewiston where that growing diversity is not evident is the city’s 82-member police force, but Chief Michael Bussiere aims to change that amid an intense national debate over race and policing,” Reuters reports.

The Lewiston-Auburn area now has a Somali population of 7,000, which accounts for nearly 10 percent of its total population. They arrived in the U.S. either as refugees or were born in the U.S. as children of refugees.

About a quarter of Bussiere’s officers will become eligible to retire in the next few years, so he figures to have quite a few openings.

“We have to think about who is living here now and who’s going to live here 10 years from now,” he told Reuters reporter Scott Malone.

“We need a department that is reflective of the demographics of the community it serves.”

Lewiston, a city of 36,000 people that spent decades struggling through job losses from mill closings and a shrinking population, may seem an unlikely place for such a rebirth given that Maine is among the whitest U.S. states, Malone reports.

But, according to U.S. Census data, 8.7 percent of Lewiston’s population identifies as black or African-American, a rate higher than any other city in the state and more than seven times the 1.2 percent state average.

And the Somali population is exploding not just in Lewiston. It has spread to nearby Auburn and Portland.

Many Somalis originally came as refugees to larger cities, Atlanta in particular, but then moved to Maine after hearing that it had a wider array of subsidized housing available and also was easier to get on the welfare rolls. This is called “secondary migration” when a refugee is assigned to one city but then moves elsewhere after arrival in the U.S.

Read it all, here.  And, again, see our archive on Lewiston.  There is probably enough there to write a book!
About the photo:  These Somali refugees sure do have the protest (community organizing) thing down pat, don’t they!

Dallas, TX: Opinion writer calls for more teachers who speak languages other than English and Spanish

Melinda Cowart is an OpEd Project Public Voices Fellow. Here is a project for one of the great people I met this week in Dallas: find out how to become a ‘Public Voices Fellow’ with an opposing view on immigration!

This is one of the issues we discussed when I was in Dallas this past week—-the huge and growing cost in the educational system where students in the system may speak 50 or more languages because of the Refugee Admissions Program of the UN/US State Dept.  The next time you hear some argument that the diversity of immigrants coming to the US brings strength and helps our economy, remember that those phony economic studies rarely include the cost to educate the children (in dozens and dozens of languages!).
Dallas Morning News from Melinda Cowart, a professor of ESL:

In Texas, speakers of languages other than Spanish represent 14.59 percent of the linguistically diverse student population. Those ELLs speak other languages, including Vietnamese, the third-most common language spoken, Chinese, Arabic and Urdu.

In addition to newcomers who immigrate to the U.S. through Texas each year, refugee resettlement contributes to the vast diversity in the state, especially in or near major cities such as Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin, which tend to be primary refugee resettlement sites. Yet, the schools provide special language programs for speakers of only two of those languages — English and Spanish.  [Get out your wallets!—ed]

By the way, when you read the story about the author’s poor little Chinese child not being allowed to buy milk because she couldn’t speak Spanish or English, I fault Mom.  From my own experience (and assuming the household is an English-speaking one as hers certainly is), I know it’s best to educate a new daughter (or son) at home until their English is pretty good before subjecting them to the confusion of public school in America.  What was this woman thinking?

Note to Texans:  You have got to get the flow of refugees slowed!

New readers:  See my three-part Texas series, beginning here.  BTW, the number one language needed in the Dallas County health department for refugees is Arabic!