Comments worth noting: Trolls just want to troll!

Some of our regular readers might have noticed that we have a troll (‘314maker’) who has arrived in the last few days to criticize RRW and you.

Fat-Green-TrollI’m really o.k. with criticism and with trolls, but just wish one of them would one day take me up on my offer to write a guest column with reasoned arguments about why he/she believes that America should invite the world to come live here.

Here is ‘314maker’ trying to make the point that we don’t take all the refugees the UN has selected for us.


Seems like my comment was deleted. Again, just because a refugee is referred to the U.S. Program, does not mean the case will be accepted, nor does it mean the case will be given refugee status by USG officials.

Here is what I said in response to that comment from ‘314 maker’ yesterday (this is at our post on Idaho).


As long as you don’t swear or threaten anyone personally I don’t delete comments. But, also, remember I don’t sit at the computer all day waiting for comments to roll in. This is a reminder to everyone, I post them when I have time in the middle of my otherwise busy life.

314maker, we have many times over the years reported that the UN specifically says it has chosen refugees for us. The UNHCR tells us they do!

But, since you are here, I would like to offer you the opportunity to write a guest post for us and explain why America has to take the large number of refugees we now take, and we want a logical explanation, with no mention of “nation of immigrants” and no appeal to religion, no name-calling, just simply explain why it is in our interest to admit large numbers of impoverished people to our cities and towns, and why it isn’t enough to take care of American poor first.

And, most of all we would really like to know if even you have a limit. Is there some number that is simply too many? Or, would you just erase all of our borders and invite anyone from anywhere to live here?

This is a serious offer of an opportunity to reach a lot of people with a logical reason why you are in support of mass immigration.

He/she has refused my offer.  And, by the way, we are under no obligation to be fair and balanced.  The Hard Left/Open Borders crowd is never fair and balanced!


Ann – I am not interested in writing a guest post and kindly request that you do not create one based on my comments. Your blog is highly editorialized (your prerogative) and routinely twists facts to support a certain mindset – a mindset which I want no part of, even in an attempt to correct. I believe in the process of refugee resettlement and I do not feel the need to justify this belief to you or your readers. I will, however, continue to read your blog and provide comments as I find your take on things quite entertaining.

He/she wants to keep commenting, but I suggested perhaps he/she could write his/her own blog and call it Refugee Resettlement Watch Watch! (but that would mean having to do some work!).


I thought so…easy to comment critically, less easy to logically explain your point of view. Hey, here is an idea, rather than me giving you a platform to attack on a daily basis, why don’t you do the hard work of writing a blog—Call it Refugee Resettlement Watch Watch and I will prominently link it and promote it!

Editor’s note:  For our many new readers, ‘Comments worth noting’ is a category in which we archive interesting comments! It is also where we archive guest columns like the one we hoped ‘314maker’ would write.

June 20th is World Refugee (propaganda) Day: ask Congress for more $$$ and register refugees to vote!

In 2000, the United Nations declared June 20th World Refugee Day according to wikipedia, here.
You probably are already seeing local news media scrambling to cover local events designed to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling about ‘welcoming’ more refugees to your communities.

On 4 December 2000, the United Nations General Assembly in Resolution 55/76 decided that, from 2001, 20 June would be celebrated as World Refugee Day. In this resolution, the General Assembly noted that 2001 marked the 50th anniversary of the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees.

World Refugee Day

Let’s lobby Congress!

Refugee Council USA (RCUSA),  the lobbying arm for UN/US State Department resettlement contractors and other groups working to open our borders and diversify your communities has gone one step farther and declared the week of June 27th to July 2 as National Refugee Advocacy Week and have prepared an entire ‘Advocacy Toolkit’ for anyone wishing to take action to lobby for more refugees and more money for the ‘humanitarians’ working in your towns and cities.’
We told you about RCUSA here as they were behind getting the Senate Jihad Caucus to send a letter to Obama urging him to open our doors wide to 65,000 Syrian (mostly Muslim refugees) before he leaves office.

Here are some of the things they want open borders advocates to do:

* Invite a policymaker to a World Refugee Day event in your area.

* Organize an in-district meeting with your members of Congress. Your Senators and Representatives will be in their local offices during National Refugee Advocacy Week, making it a great opportunity to meet with them to discuss important refugee policy and funding issues. Introduce them to a refugee!

* Call Congress to support refugee funding and legislation – and get others to join you.

* Write a letter to your members of Congress encouraging support for refugees.

And last but not least—REGISTER VOTERS!

* Promote Civic Engagement and Register New Voters for refugees who are naturalized citizens. See this civic engagement resource from 2014 developed by Church World Service for more information.

Readers, don’t get discouraged, but know that these are well-funded, Leftwing community organizers who have been working for years to change America by changing the people!  And, it didn’t start with Obama!
By the way, as I write this, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service has refugees on Capitol Hill lobbying for them.
Be sure to get and read, James Simpson’s ‘Red-Green Axis: working to erase America’ and learn about the players and where their funding comes from!

Did your city 'welcome' Syrians in the first 6 months of 2015?

After studying the US State Department data base, here are the numbers of Syrians who were resettled in cities across the country.

Just think about it! The ‘humanitarians’ in the US State Department are ‘saving’ Syrians by placing them in places like Chicago and Baltimore! Are local African-American communities eager to ‘welcome the stranger?’ Are they searching for the joys of diversity? I doubt it!

There are some additional cities that received a smaller number of Syrians in years 2012, 2013, and 2014.

However, I think you can assume that, although the numbers are still small, these cities (which are getting them in 2015) are a good first indicator of where they would distribute 10,000-65,000 (if the Senate Jihad Caucus, the Obama Administration and the UN succeed).

These numbers are from 1/1/2015 to 6/15/2015 and were found at the Refugee Processing Center where the US State Department keeps data on incoming refugees.

Of the total number of almost 1,000 Syrians resettled in the US so far since the refugee flow out of Syria began in 2012, 93% are Muslims and most of those are Sunni Muslims.

(Cities receiving over 20 in red)


Glendale (14)

Phoenix (20)

Tuscon (15)


Fair Oaks (4)

Modesto (5)

Oakland (10)

Pasadena (2)

Plumas Lake (7)

Sacramento (15)

San Diego (25)

San Jose (1)

Santa Ana (2)

Turlock (14)

Walnut Creek (1)


Denver (4)


Bristol (3)


Clearwater (5)

Kissimmee (6)

Miami (10)

Tampa (7)

Zephyrhills (4)


Atlanta (10)


Boise (10)


Aurora (5)

Chicago (42)

Rockford (18)

Wheaten (5)


Indianapolis (8)


Overland Park (5)


Louisville (21)


Kenner (7)


Baltimore (19)


South Boston (3)

Springfield (8)

Worcester (12)


Ann Arbor (5)

Grand Rapids (12)

Troy (10)


Rochester (7)


Fenton (1)

Saint Louis (12)


Las Vegas (7)

New Hampshire:

Concord (3)

New Jersey:

Camden (6)

Elizabeth (12)

New York:

Buffalo (5)

North Carolina:

Greensboro (1)

New Bern (3)


Cleveland (7)

Toledo (16)


Jenks (3)


Allentown (16)

Erie (3)

Pittsburgh (5)

Wilkes-Barre (7)


Memphis (4)

Nashville (9)


Austin (3)

Dallas (20)

Fort Worth (20)

Houston (23)


Salt Lake City (7)


Falls Church (3)

Newport News (2)

Roanoke (2)


Seattle (6)

Update!  Be sure to see the complete coverage of this latest information by Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily, here.