Idaho: More controversy surrounding refugee resettlement in Magic Valley

Update June 22nd:  This post was our top post (by a mile!) last week, go figure!
Update June 20th:  I have no idea why this post is going viral today, but because of that, I want all of you to see my extensive update on Twin Falls here with a list of things citizens concerned with the resettlement of third worlders to Magic Valley must do!
This is an update of several posts we have written lately about complaints against the College of Southern Idaho for hosting a refugee resettlement office.  See our earlier coverage from Twin Falls, Idaho (click here for a complete archive).
Twin Falls is a federally-designated preferred resettlement site for UN-selected refugees!
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One speaker, Rick Martin, is quoted as saying the resettlement office is “disastrous” to the college’s reputation.

Editor: The article has been removed at the request of an attorney for the newspaper which is clearly unhappy with any of their articles being partially posted here at RRW.

This is just further demonstration of how local newspapers are attempting to silence critics presumably because they are in the pockets of the federal government, the refugee contractors and the big businesses that need this cheap immigrant labor. Who is driving the cheap labor needs in Twin Falls?

House Homeland Security chairman IS WORRIED ABOUT SYRIAN REFUGEES!

Obviously the college officials do not know about the efforts by House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul to stop the resettlement of Syrians to places like Idaho because the FBI has said the Syrians cannot be screened. See hearings this coming week in Washington!

Harry Turner, an attorney, said he received a call from a refugee couple who’s Jewish and have been harassed in Twin Falls by Muslims.  [And, just wait until the resettled Sunni Muslims and Shiite Muslims resume their centuries-old conflicts right there in Idaho!—ed]

Read it all, here.
Local concerned citizens should also be demanding information from local and state government about the cost to Twin Falls and to the state of Idaho for the care of the impoverished refugees.  Idaho is a Wilson-Fish state and citizens there need to learn more about what that means.  (Hint! It isn’t good!)

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