RRW Weekly Roundup for week ending June 20, 2015

I should have done this over the weekend, but simply no time.

Idaho controversy was the star of the week!

And, I definitely didn’t want to miss this one because the controversy we have been reporting on from Twin Falls, Idaho has brought new readers in by the droves!  Much to my surprise, the readers most interested in the Idaho refugee controversy were from Germany!
If you missed it, one interesting turn of events from Twin Falls is that a lawyer for the local newspaper told me I must remove the text I had snipped (here and here).  You know this can’t be for commercial and economic reasons because I bet we sent them a boatload of readers (to see their advertisements).
In case you hadn’t noticed, we don’t make a dime from our work of writing and reporting on refugee controversies here and around the world, so they can hardly say they were economically hurt. Copyright law does allow some use of others’ work for the purpose of commentary, and that is what bloggers do!
CLEARLY we hit a nerve!  Clearly, the newspaper in Twin Falls is biased in favor of changing Idaho by adding diversity, why?  Wouldn’t you think a newspaper would be happy with controversy and public discussion, doesn’t that sell papers?  Maybe they want to silence regular American citizens like me!

Or, could there be some other reason they have an interest in tamping down the controversy about more refugees coming to “Magic Valley” Idaho?  Who is the paper really working for?  We will be trying to find out!

Don’t miss my latest on Idaho here (what citizens need to do!)  and here (meatpacker coming to Boise explains need for cheap, captive! immigrant labor).  Follow the money!

Top Posts!

So, without further ado here are our Top Three posts from last week (Top daily posts are in the right hand side bar).  The Idaho news was the top story by a mile!

1.  Idaho: more controversy surrounding refugee resettlement in Magic Valley

2.  Sudanese refugee shot and killed in Louisville; why are we colonizing America with people like this?

3.  Did your city welcome Syrians in the first 6 months of 2015?

Top Countries!

Here are our Top Ten countries from which readers arrived at RRW last week.  Surprise! for the first time ever, Germany beats out Canada, Australia and the UK for the number one spot!









New Zealand


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