Twin Falls, Idaho update: The refugee program is aok as long as they are "transparent"

Apparently Idaho citizens have been expressing concerns (good for you!) about the on-going refugee resettlement program located at the College of Southern Idaho perhaps in response to our reporting, here, and that of World Net Daily here.
Every official involved is playing down concerns that the soon-to-arrive Syrian refugees will be thoroughly screened.  I guess they haven’t heard that the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, Rep. Michael McCaul, calls the resettlement a “jihadi pipeline” to America.

Steve Hartgen
Rep. Stephen Hartgen who represents Twin Falls must now obtain the R & P Abstract prepared by the resettlement agency each year and make it public to the community, that is, if they aren’t just blowing smoke about the need for transparency.

The article is your basic admonition to calm down, move along, nothing to see here.
However, the State’s Attorney General’s comment that the refugee contractor should be transparent really jumped out at me because in fact the resettlement agency contractors have been told that they must not give out any information, especially the R & P Abstract they prepare every year for the federal government in order to get paid (by you) for their work.
I will bet no local elected official has ever seen the Abstract for Twin Falls/Magic Valley in which the resettlement agency lays out the capacity of the community to handle a certain number of refugees from certain countries, but more importantly it tells what amenities the town is offering the refugees.
Learn more about Abstracts and see what one looks like, here.
Here is a bit of’s news.  Test their ‘transparency!’

Editor: The article has been removed at the request of an attorney for the newspaper which is clearly unhappy with any of their articles being partially posted here at RRW.

This is just further demonstration of how local newspapers are attempting to silence critics presumably because they are in the pockets of the federal government, the refugee contractors and the big businesses that need this cheap immigrant labor. Who is driving the cheap labor needs in Twin Falls?

By the way, since Idaho is a Wilson-Fish state, the state legislature has very little say in what goes on with the program.  That should be the first step for those concerned—the state of Idaho should attempt to regain some control over the program.
But, first, all involved should call up the resettlement office and ask for their recent R & P Abstracts.  I think you will be amazed at what you will find!  Let’s see how transparent they are willing to be!

Everyone:  In addition to finding the College of Southern Idaho Refugee program listed here, find your local contractor office (or one near you) and ask for their most recent R & P Abstracts because you have every right to know what they are planning for your town!
P.S. Didn’t our dear leader say the watchword of his administration would be transparency!  Was he lying?

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