Syrians coming to Amish country (Lancaster County, PA)

Most people are very surprised to learn that Church World Service (one of nine federal resettlement contractors) has been busy for years flooding Lancaster, PA with third worlders.  Here we learn that the next big batch will be Syrians—Syrians who don’t speak English and who will need mental health counseling!

Lancaster Sheila
Sheila Mastropietro of CWS: Counseling is an area of concern. You betcha! Sure hope Lancaster has lots of good FREE counseling services. BTW, your tax dollars pay for 20 staff people in Mastropietro’s office!

And, big surprise (not!) they will work in factories and warehouses (jobs Americans won’t do for slave wages?).  Please explain to me why a ‘church’ group is acting as head hunter for businesses looking for cheap labor?
From WITF:

About 60 Syrian refugees already live in Lancaster County, and another 60 are expected to re-settle there in the next year.

Church groups secure and furnish apartments for the families, who also get help in finding work and staying healthy.

English classes will be available, and kids will go to schools in the county.

Speaking on WITF’s Smart Talk, Sheila Mastropietro with Church World Service in Lancaster also says counseling is an area of concern because many refugees have seen death and destruction in Syria.

“So it’s difficult but we do what we can and we certainly have interpretation services. And we expect that some people are going to need at least some counseling in the beginning at least,” she says.

Mastropietro says she expects the Syrians to find work quickly in a warehouse or factory.

Go here to listen to the Smart Talk interview.
And, if you didn’t know Church World Service is part of the National Council of Churches which has historical roots in the Communist movement of the 1950s.  They are hard Leftists in their political view.
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It was in Lancaster, in 2013, that I first heard about “pockets of resistance” (towns trying to stop the flow of refugees their way) and the Office of Refugee Resettlement’s new hire—‘Welcoming America.’
An afterthought:  I should have added this—over 90% of the Syrians we are taking are Muslims.

World Refugee Day protest: Most citizens of Slovakia do not want Muslim refugees

The latest ‘Invasion of Europe’ news….

One of the largest protests in recent Slovak history turned violent. Photo: The Slovak Spectator

We’ve told you before about the plan by the European Commission to distribute mostly Muslim refugees (Syrians would make up a large portion of them) to all countries of Europe via a quota system.  In Bratislava on Saturday the people said NO loud and clear.
From The Slovak Spectator:

A PUBLIC protest against immigration held in Bratislava on June 20 that led to violence against both police officers and bystanders showed the power of extremists in Slovakia who have declared their intention to become members of parliament in next year’s election. Observers point out that the protesters were nourished by mass hysteria and fears of Muslim immigrants arriving in Slovakia. [As if their fears were unfounded!—ed]

We love maps! Another RRW geography lesson!


The European Commission presented a new quota-based strategy for dealing with the massive wave of immigrants coming to Europe on May 13. The EC plan counted on Slovakia accepting 785 individuals. The proposal met with wide criticism in Slovakia and a June survey conducted by the Polis agency indicated that 70.1 percent of 1,469 respondents said they disagreed with Slovakia accepting more refugees.

The protest on June 20 was one of the largest in recent Slovak history, shutting down traffic in some Bratislava squares and keeping hundreds of police officers busy. The police officers detained about 76 people suspected of riotous conduct with 41 of those detained coming from the Czech Republic. The police filed criminal complaints against 19 Czechs and 13 Slovaks according to Bratislava police spokesperson Tatiana Kurucová.

Violence in Bratislava streets

Thousands of protesters chanting “This is our home” and “Treason!” set out from Bratislava’s main railway station towards SNP Square.

There is much more, continue reading here…..
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And, don’t forget!  Today the US House Homeland Security Committee hears testimony about the security issues surrounding the resettlement of Syrians in America.  The NO borders agitators want us to take 65,000 before Obama leaves office.

The only way to save Europe is to stop the boats

More Invasion of Europe news…..
David Frum writing in The Atlantic about the invasion of Europe, wraps up an insightful (longish) piece by endorsing the policy of the Abbott government in Australia which has stopped the illegal migration of phony asylum seekers to the country by stopping the boats!

NEW Germans, NEW Italians, NEW Frenchmen aboard!

Is it any surprise that if you let them come, more will come?

The lesson applies to America as well…..
From The Atlantic (Closing European Harbors).  Emphasis is mine:

 Contrast this with the recent experience of Australia. After the Labor government of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced a newly permissive policy toward asylum-seekers in 2008, their numbers, unsurprisingly, soared. As holding facilities filled, Labor leaders moved to reintroduce stricter controls, but public opinion had already turned against them: the party lost the 2013 federal election to Tony Abbott, a conservative who had, among other campaign promises, vowed to crack down on asylum-seekers arriving by boat. Under Abbott’s policy, no unapproved boats would be allowed to land. Period. Boats apprehended at sea would be turned back to their point of origin or towed to uncongenial places like Papua New Guinea for processing of passengers. The government used social media to communicate the new policy throughout Southeast Asia. A YouTube video released in many of the region’s languages warned: “If you travel by boat without a visa, you will not make Australia home.” Since then, illegal boat migration has virtually disappeared.

The policy has been expensive: the government has reportedly spent about $1 billion Australian a year to detain migrants at facilities in other countries. That is a relatively small sum, however, compared with the high social and economic costs over many years—and multiple generations—of allowing large-scale migration by very low-skilled people.

The ocean around Australia is much wider than the sea between Libya and Europe. Yet Australia’s example is promising. Migration follows opportunity. Remove opportunity, and migration will cease. Migrants who attempt to force their way into Europe are, quite understandably, seeking a better life. But the peoples of the countries they wish to enter similarly have a right to do what is best for themselves.

Making a success of the migration that has already occurred will demand tremendous wisdom, generosity, and policy creativity from Europe’s leaders. That challenge will become only more daunting if migrant numbers continue to grow unchecked, thanks to an immigration policy that prides itself on being compassionate, but that in practice perpetuates the darkest and most dangerous tendencies of Europeans, old and new alike.

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