Mr. Open Borders himself, Jeb Bush, met with 'evangelicals' promoting refugee resettlement for Spartanburg, SC

Again, Leo Hohmann writing at World Net Daily reveals how even Republicans like former Gov. Jeb Bush are on the bandwagon to bring in more immigrants and refugees—is this for his big business donors’ desire for cheap labor?
What makes me so annoyed is to see  politicians, like Bush, co-opting a certain segment of the ‘evangelical’ community and making it sound like it is all about ‘welcoming the stranger’ rather than about the almighty dollar!

Let’s make Jeb an impossible!

For background, see our original post on Spartanburg/World Relief and Jason Lee here with updates.
This is how Hohmann’s article from last night begins (emphasis is mine):

A group of pastors met with presidential hopeful Jeb Bush earlier this month in South Carolina to try to get a feel for his candidacy.

Bush described the importance of his faith, saying he reads the Bible daily, and he shared his views on hot-button issues at the May 2 meeting in Spartanburg. The pastors’ ears perked up when the former Florida governor, who converted to Catholicism after marrying a Mexican woman, talked about immigration and refugees.

Bush’s history on this issue is consistent:

* In 2009, Bush sent a letter to Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis advocating an immigration plan developed by the Council on Foreign Relations. That report included in its recommendations an earned pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

* In February 2014 Bush was one of 10 national Republicans who signed a statement calling for the U.S. to import more refugees. Bush was joined in signing the document by Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform and a known supporter of Muslim Brotherhood front groups.

One of the pastors listening to Bush on May 2 in Spartanburg was Jason Lee, a local pastor who was tapped to be director of the new Spartanburg office of World Relief, which is a major player in the refugee resettlement business.

World Relief plans to bring in 60 refugees from Syria and Africa over the next year. The announcement that Muslim refugees would be arriving soon in this small Southern city brought no small measure of controversy, splitting the Christian community in half. Some want to welcome the refugees while others think the city already has enough poverty, unemployment and homeless veterans that need their attention.

The controversy has led to a proposed provision being added in the state budget that would require counties to sign off on plans for refugees before any funds could be released for their resettlement. The proposal has passed the state House but remains fluid in the Senate.

“This proviso would stop the resettlements in Spartanburg for at least a year because World Relief is not going to bring refugees here if they can’t sign them up for all the welfare benefits that flow through the state, because the churches do not support this program financially,” said Christina Jeffrey, a local Christian activist who comes down on the opposite side of the issue from Jason Lee.

“The people are very confused on this,” she said. “They think the churches support it with their own money.”

Lee said he was impressed by what he heard from Bush. In a twist of irony, the former Republican governor’s views on immigrants and refugees mesh with South Carolina’s religious left, more than the religious right.

Please read onThere is much more especially about other Evangelical groups pushing back against the Leftist Evangelicals represented by World Relief.

Learn more about Kelly Monroe Kullberg and ‘Evangelicals for Biblical Immigration’ here at their facebook page. Learn how the religious left is attempting to co-opt Christians.   Join more than 31,000 others who ‘like’ the page!
See NumbersUSA scorecard on the 2016 Presidential hopefuls.  Bush has a D+ score on immigration and jobs for Americans!

Reader says Fox and Friends not a friend of free speech

Editor: From time to time we publish good comments or opinion pieces from our readers.  Previous commentary is archived in our category entitled ‘Comments worth noting/guest posts,’ click here to read previous reader opinions.  This opinion from reader ‘Julia’ is a view I share.  When Fox&Friends and other Fox News talking-heads blamed Pamela Geller for what happened in Garland, Texas, we knew the writing was on the wall and that we have no defense for free speech in the dinosaur media.  Fox (excepting perhaps Judge Jeanine!) has joined that despicable club.

From Julia:

Saturday, May 30, 2015, Fox&Friends joined an alarming trend when one of its hosts labeled former Marine Jon Ritzheimer and his fellow bikers who held a “Draw Muhammad” contest as “anti-Islamist activists.”

Is Judge Jeanine the only one left at Fox News who ‘gets it’ about free speech and Islam!

Perhaps Fox&Friends should have read the stories on “The Gateway Pundit” detailing how Islamists have made threats of violence – including murder – to attendees of the contest, published the home address of Mr. Ritzheimer, and caused Mr. Ritzheimer’s family to fear for their lives and go in hiding.

There has been a coordinated effort to characterize citizens who are concerned about the growing threats of terrorism in the U.S. as “anti-Islamic.” There are legitimate concerns about the radicalization of Muslims in America and F&F, by joining the effort to smear these individuals, is failing Fox’s “fair and balanced” approach to reporting.

What’s more is that F&F is employing the tactics of the left that one of its own contributors, Kirsten Powers, denounced in her new book, “The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech.”

Ms. Powers appeared on “Justice With Judge Jeanine” *** on Saturday, May 30, 2015, and was questioned by Judge Pirro on whether there is currently an attack on the First Amendment. Ms. Powers responded by warning that progressive scholars “have been taught that the First Amendment is not a bulwark against the government, but is an impediment to progressive policy;” that now there are “major legal scholars coming out and suggesting that maybe we need to to have hate speech laws;” . . . “and it’s terrifying.”

During this interview, Judge Pirro touched upon the movement to ridicule and ultimately marginalize those concerned about radical Islam when she suggested that “we’ve gotten to a point where even the word [Islam] is almost frowned upon.”

Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily recently reported on the plans of refugee resettlement contractors to quash the efforts of persons and groups opposing the resettlement of refugees in their communities. Part of these contractors’ plans include coordinating their offense with the Center for New Community and the Southern Poverty Law Center – groups known for ridiculing their opponents and associating them with hate speech.

Much has been written about an alliance between Islam and the left – be it Marxism, communism, etc. This targeting of persons and groups concerned about the spread of radical Islam in the United States suggests the reality of such alliance. That is, Islam is being used as a tool of the left to limit free speech and perhaps ultimately eliminate the First Amendment protections of speech in the U.S. Constitution.

This is why F&F’s joining in the chorus of the left’s demonization of Mr. Ritzheimer is so problematic. Inasmuch as Mr. Ritzheimer titled the protest the Freedom of Speech Rally Round II, Mr. Ritzheimer and the other contest attendees intended to act as “free speech proponents.”

F&F dropped the ball. They owe Mr. Ritzheimer an apology.

In addition, perhaps F&F can demonstrate its support of free speech by investigating and reporting on law schools that teach “that the First Amendment is not a bulwark against the government, but is an impediment to progressive policy.”

We won’t be holding our breath waiting for Fox&Friends to utter an apology!  Why? Can you hear that sound (after the ad)?
*** Watch the Judge Jeanine interview with liberal Kirsten Powers about how the Left is killing free speech, here, beginning at the 1:57 mark.

Twin Falls, Idaho update: The refugee program is aok as long as they are "transparent"

Apparently Idaho citizens have been expressing concerns (good for you!) about the on-going refugee resettlement program located at the College of Southern Idaho perhaps in response to our reporting, here, and that of World Net Daily here.
Every official involved is playing down concerns that the soon-to-arrive Syrian refugees will be thoroughly screened.  I guess they haven’t heard that the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, Rep. Michael McCaul, calls the resettlement a “jihadi pipeline” to America.

Steve Hartgen
Rep. Stephen Hartgen who represents Twin Falls must now obtain the R & P Abstract prepared by the resettlement agency each year and make it public to the community, that is, if they aren’t just blowing smoke about the need for transparency.

The article is your basic admonition to calm down, move along, nothing to see here.
However, the State’s Attorney General’s comment that the refugee contractor should be transparent really jumped out at me because in fact the resettlement agency contractors have been told that they must not give out any information, especially the R & P Abstract they prepare every year for the federal government in order to get paid (by you) for their work.
I will bet no local elected official has ever seen the Abstract for Twin Falls/Magic Valley in which the resettlement agency lays out the capacity of the community to handle a certain number of refugees from certain countries, but more importantly it tells what amenities the town is offering the refugees.
Learn more about Abstracts and see what one looks like, here.
Here is a bit of’s news.  Test their ‘transparency!’

Editor: The article has been removed at the request of an attorney for the newspaper which is clearly unhappy with any of their articles being partially posted here at RRW.

This is just further demonstration of how local newspapers are attempting to silence critics presumably because they are in the pockets of the federal government, the refugee contractors and the big businesses that need this cheap immigrant labor. Who is driving the cheap labor needs in Twin Falls?

By the way, since Idaho is a Wilson-Fish state, the state legislature has very little say in what goes on with the program.  That should be the first step for those concerned—the state of Idaho should attempt to regain some control over the program.
But, first, all involved should call up the resettlement office and ask for their recent R & P Abstracts.  I think you will be amazed at what you will find!  Let’s see how transparent they are willing to be!

Everyone:  In addition to finding the College of Southern Idaho Refugee program listed here, find your local contractor office (or one near you) and ask for their most recent R & P Abstracts because you have every right to know what they are planning for your town!
P.S. Didn’t our dear leader say the watchword of his administration would be transparency!  Was he lying?