Idaho: Get ready for Somali refugees as county approves huge meatpacking plant near Boise

Update June 22:  Twin Falls, ID newspaper editor attempts to silence RRW, here.   And, Boise Mayor welcomes third world to Idaho, here.

One more piece of the puzzle has been found!  Idaho will ‘welcome’ refugees because big industries need cheap labor (for jobs Americans won’t do, right!).

BIG MEAT changing America! Filling those wide open spaces with a massive meat processing facility and bringing in refugee labor to fill the jobs! Watch for it!

Reader Dave saw our post yesterday about Twin Falls and the Chobani Yogurt plant, and now gives us hot news that Ada County is going to get a meatpacking giant!  Kuna, in Ada County, is less than a half an hour from Boise (the largest refugee resettlement site in Idaho).

We have for years told you that since Bill Clinton supplied the first refugees for Iowa meat processors (here), that BIG MEAT was changing rural America with the help of the UN/US State Department and its ‘religious’ resettlement contractors acting as head hunters for big business.

This is one of literally dozens of posts here at RRW about the role meatpackers are playing in changing America.
Remember readers, it is all about the money!
The Somalis, in particular, move around the country as meatpacking jobs become available, but surely the welcome wagon in Idaho expects Congolese, Burmese, and Bhutanese slave laborers to help fill the employment needs.  Mark my words, no matter how high the meatpacker says the salaries will be, they will be too low for anyone other than immigrants and refugees whose families are being subsidized through generous welfare gratis the US taxpayer!
Before reading on, see BOISE MAYOR ROLLS OUT WELCOME MAT FOR REFUGEES!  I want to barf every time I see our elected officials sell out America with the help of the refugee resettlement ‘do-gooders.’

KUNA, Idaho — There are hundreds of new jobs coming to the Kuna area, thanks to the county’s approval of a meat processing facility near the small town.

Right now, there’s a field East of Kuna that’s home to some whistlepigs and a little bit of heavy machinery. But, business leaders say by next year, it will be home to 600 jobs.

Thursday night, along with his fellow Ada County Commissioners, Dave Case approved the building of a 380,000 square foot, $100 million meat processing plant. “Obviously, it will be good for the economy.”

They haven’t broken ground yet, but crews are already doing some prep work. It’s a joint venture between the J. R. Simplot Company and a Texas meat packing company, Caviness Beef Packers. Kuna Mayor Greg Nelson says it will be a huge economic boost for the bedroom community, which has few jobs of its own right now.

There is more, read on.    These county commissioners are dumb enough to think that lots of locals will find work cutting meat.  Or, maybe they know better and are lying to the public!
Neighbors and members of the public are worried about smells and environmental problems, but they will have a lot more to worry about when the Somalis come to town!
By the way, do you remember that Senator Jeff Sessions fingered the meatpackers in 2013 as one of the big industries lobbying for amnesty, here.
Endnote:  I would be interested to know who made a killing selling this land to the meat giant?

CATO immigration "specialist:" Bring Syrian refugees in, but cut off their welfare

If any of you are Libertarians and think the CATO Institute is the last word on libertarian good sense, you may not know that crazy CATO is for a free flow of immigrants around the world.   Here Alex Nowrasteh,  CATO immigration specialist, makes an emotional pitch to bring in Syrian refugees, but remembering that he is a Libertarian, near the end of his Op-ED in The Hill, says, but of course no welfare for them.

Alex Nowrasteh, a Libertarian thinker in Washington: We didn’t save enough Jews in WWII, so now we have to bring in Syrians.

The Hill gave him space to say that we should open our borders to Syrians.  He threw out some tired old bromides and the usual Leftist guilt-tripping about previous refugees (he must be reading the Left’s open borders screeds).
Then finally he suggests it will be fine, bring them in, but don’t let them get welfare (when pigs fly!).  Where has he been?
The whole refugee resettlement apparatus in the US right now is built around our ever-expanding welfare system.  Indeed the primary job of federal refugee resettlement contractors is to get refugees firmly attached to the federal welfare teat!   From cash assistance, to food stamps, to subsidized housing and Medicaid, the non-profit government contractor’s job is to get them their “services” within the first three months of their arrival.
Clearly Mr. Nowrasteh doesn’t have a clue about the intricate web of interdependency between refugees, their contractors and government agencies and programs and the political power behind the refugee program.  Maybe he should read RRW occasionally.
Twenty paragraphs in to a twenty-two paragraph Op-Ed he says something we could support. 
Why didn’t he say it earlier? It is almost as if he says, ‘Oopsy’ I’m a libertarian, I better say something libertarian-like!
Most readers won’t even get this far!  In fact, most readers will be left (dabbing their eyes with tissues) after his emotional appeals of the first three-quarters of his piece.  I didn’t know libertarians are into emotional appeals and sob-stories!
Most on the Hill will say, Yes! CATO supports the Syrian resettlement.
Maybe the headline in the The Hill should have been something like this:  ‘Welfare should be disallowed for refugees, then we can talk about bringing in Syrians.‘  I would have disagreed with that too (about bringing in the Syrians), but at least it would have been an intellectually honest libertarian thing to say.
So, I think they call this burying the lead!   As almost an afterthought, Nowrasteh finally says in paragraph twenty:

Americans shouldn’t be forced to foot the bill!  Churches and charities should do it!

American taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to foot the bill. Refugees have access to some means-tested welfare benefits before other immigrants do; that should end. Churches, charities and mutual aid associations should fulfill that responsibility.

Is CATO on the Hill actively lobbying for refugees to be disallowed welfare, or like way too many Washington ‘think tank’ experts are they just running their mouths while collecting big salaries for being supposedly ‘smart’ people?

Point me to a bill that CATO supports to disallow refugees to access welfare and I will apologize for calling them crazy!