Pew: Hispanics/Asians more interested in deportation relief than US citizenship

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Tell us again, Marco, why you support amnesty?

That is the headline from the latest Pew Research Center Survey of Hispanics and Asians living in the US.

A lot of the other information they came up with is pretty interesting too which should make some Republicans, those who are endorsing amnesty and kissing up to the Hispanic “voter,” re-think their position in support of so-called “comprehensive immigration reform.”

55% of Hispanics surveyed say they aren’t hankering to become voting citizens of the US.

Here are some of the results of the survey that interested me.   From Pew Hispanic Trends Project, thanks to reader Paul (emphasis and re-arrangement mine):

While lopsided majorities of Hispanics and Asian Americans support creating a pathway to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants, two new surveys from the Pew Research Center also show that these groups believe it is more important for unauthorized immigrants to get relief from the threat of deportation.

By 55% to 35%, Hispanics say that they think being able to live and work in the United States legally without the threat of deportation is more important for unauthorized immigrants than a pathway to citizenship. Asian Americans hold a similar view, albeit by a smaller margin—49% to 44%.


Immigrant Hispanics are especially supportive of deportation relief; by 61% to 27%, they say it is more important to unauthorized immigrants than having a pathway to citizenship.  [I’m not seeing why this statistic is different from the 55% mentioned earlier in the article.—ed]

And, get this!  Only 36% of LEGAL Mexicans in the US have bothered to become citizens.  Of course, it makes me wonder if many are voting anyway.

Not all legal immigrants necessarily choose to become U.S. citizens. In a report published earlier this year (Gonzalez-Barrera, Lopez, Passel and Taylor, 2013), the Pew Research Center found that among all Hispanic immigrants who are in the U.S. legally, just 44% have become citizens; the remainder are legal permanent residents. Among legal immigrants from Mexico, which is by far the largest country of origin for Hispanic immigrants, just 36% have gone through the naturalization process and become U.S. citizens.

Most illegal immigrants don’t know what is in the bill (S.744), but they will mostly blame Republicans if it fails.  Obama and the Dems are not, however, off the hook!

The surveys find that while large majorities of both groups say they have heard or seen at least a little about the legislation pending in Congress, roughly seven-in-ten Hispanics (67%) and Asian Americans (72%) also acknowledge they don’t know enough about the details of the bill to say if they support it or not.


If the immigration bill dies, a plurality of Hispanics (43%) and Asian Americans (48%) say they would mostly blame Republicans in Congress. But sizable minorities of each group—34% of Hispanics and 29% of Asian Americans—say they would hold Democrats in Congress and/or President Obama mainly responsible.

Even the illegal aliens get it!  Granting legal status will REWARD ILLEGAL BEHAVIOR!

…..majorities or pluralities of both groups say that granting legal status to unauthorized immigrants would reward illegal behavior (53% among Hispanics and 48% among Asian Americans) and lead to more immigrants coming the U.S. illegally in the future (51% among Hispanics and 61% among Asian Americans).

Nearly 3/4th of those already with a foot in the door want BORDER ENFORCEMENT increased.

About seven-in-ten (68%) Hispanics and 73% of Asian Americans support a proposal to increase enforcement of immigration laws at U.S. borders.

So, is immigration reform a top issue for immigrant Hispanics and Asians—NOPE!

For both Hispanics and Asian Americans, the surveys find that among five domestic issues tested—jobs and the economy, education, health care, the federal budget deficit and immigration—immigration ranked last.

There is a lot more—-read it all!

It is, however a top issue for the Left looking to increase its voter base.  And, for the likes of Grover Norquist and his big business cronies looking to keep wages low.

From PolicyMic:

For big business owners, what is not to like about an increased supply of labor, driving competition in the job market up and wages down?

US Senators who make immigration policy live in a bubble! Syrians coming?

Sheesh!  Can you believe it!  Senators Rubio and Graham, two chief proponents of ‘COMPREHENSIVE immigration reform,’ had no clue that the US State Department, at the behest of the UN, was contemplating bringing in possibly tens of thousands of Syrian refugees while thousands of their constituents know about it and disapprove.   So much for comprehensive!

Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Rubio and Graham in a bubble!

From Breitbart:

Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC), two lawmakers who are part of the gang of eight immigration bill, are unaware of the administration’s willingness to accept thousands of Syrian refugees into the United States.

Rubio, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, told Breitbart News, “Well this country has a long history of asylum and taking people who are fleeing oppression. On the other hand, given the nature of the Syrian conflict, like any asylum seeker, that they be carefully vetted. That’s my initial take. It’s the first I’ve heard of it.


“I don’t think that would go over very well. It’s news to me. I haven’t heard that,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, a member of the armed services committee, remarked to Breitbart News. He added, “I think it would be better policy to help the rebels build militarily than to bring them here. I think it would be big backlash [if the administration tried to brings the refugees here.]”

Be sure to visit the Breitbart story with quotes from other clueless Senators, so fixated on the Hispanic vote they haven’t any idea of who else is coming to America.

Readers might want to visit this post in which I discuss the Presidential Determination for FY2013.  Obama set the cap for refugee admissions for 2013 at 70,000.  They are on target to meet that number despite high unemployment rates and high welfare use rates for refugees.  And, btw, the President sends his determination to Congress for approval and it has been reported to us that NO ONE ever challenges it.

I do believe that the Refugee Act of 1980 (Kennedy, Biden, Carter!) has a provision for an ’emergency’ situation that would allow them to go over the cap and admit tens of thousands of Syrians.  I’ll have to do some research on that.

Keep up the pressure on your US Senators against S.744 and tell them NO to Syrians!

LOL! Sarah Palin said in a speech yesterday in Washington—these are all Muslims squabbling in the Middle East, so let Allah solve their problems!

Mother of all legislative train wrecks goes to the Senate floor this week—S.744

Editor’s note:  This is cross-posted from my other blog, Potomac Tea Party Report.  Regular readers here at RRW know that the Gang of Eight bill is going to expand the refugee and asylum sections of the law and create a “slush fund” for the non-profit organizations involved in refugee resettlement.  Here is our archive on the so-called “comprehensive” immigration reform bill (S.744).

This is it!  After the first punch, Obamacare, the second punch is the Gang of Eight plus Grover bill, the so-called “comprehensive” immigration reform bill.  It’s the one-two punch that is going to destroy America.

Marco looking for love from the Left!

You need to take your eyes off of the scandalpalooza going on in Washington and direct your energy this week to telling your US Senators to vote NO! on S.744.  (Yes, Marylanders, even Mikulski and Cardin!).

I stole that title—Mother of all legislative train wrecks—from this website.  Visit it and follow links to Forty Reasons why the bill is bad for America.

I’ll update this post as the week goes on.

* The caricature of Senator Marco Rubio, a key Republican member of the Gang of Eight and a leading contender for the 2016 Presidential race, is from the Daily Kos, here in February where they call him “Kochsman” (a reference to the wealthy Republican mega-donor brothers who favor ‘immigration reform’ because they want cheap labor).  Once Rubio fulfills their wishes (the Koch’s and the Left’s) on S.744, they, Daily Kos and other Lefties, will go right back to caricaturing him this way.  He won’t have their love in 2016 and he won’t have ours either (unless he bails out of the coming train wreck now)!

They chanted “si,se puede!”(yes we can) as the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to send amnesty bill to the Senate floor

Here is one story at The Hill.  Few changes were made that would make the bill more acceptable to most Americans.  (I’m working on a magazine article today and have little time to post unfortunately, but you will see lots of coverage elsewhere of the not-unexpected setback for America).

Five Republicans voted against S.744 (The Gang of Eight plus Grover bill).   Those heroes are Senators Chuck Grassley, Jeff Sessions, John Cornyn, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

Kristol: Walk away Marco Rubio!

Voting with the Democrats were Republican Senators Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake and Orrin Hatch.  Here is the list of all committee members. Final vote was 13-5.

As the bill was voted on the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (one of nine major federal refugee contractors) tweeted:

And the bill moves to Senate floor – room erupts with “yes we can!” and “si, se puede”! We just live-tweeted history

Yesterday I was surprised to see that Bill Kristol, usually a supporter of supposed immigration reform, urged Senator Marco Rubio to abandon this monstrosity and “walk away.”    Frankly, if Rubio sticks with this bill on the Senate floor his political future as a Presidential candidate will be over, especially as the Tea Party re-emerges as a political counterweight to the “ruling class” Republicans.  Watch out for ‘ruling class’ extraordinaire Speaker John Boehner in the House going forward!  He is showing signs of squishing out!

Here is Kristol:

The Weekly Standard editor told Ingraham that Rubio — who Kristol said he considers “a friend” — should step away from the “big government bill.” Instead, immigration reform should be dealt with issue-by-issue rather than by one comprehensive piece of “bad legislation,” Kristol said.

Our view too!  S.744 expands refugee and asylum law without increasing the security issues that the Boston Bombers exposed.

We are among a distinguished group!

Go here and see the letter (opposing S. 744 as it goes to the Senate floor) to which we, Refugee Resettlement Watch, are a proud signator.  Be sure to scroll down to see all the Tea Party groups which have signed.  So, the next time you see mention of Tea Partiers supporting so-called “immigration reform” consider that Grover (Norquist) and gang are putting out that misinformation.

Photo is from the Politico story.

This should be a banner year for refugee resettlement in America

Iraqis top the list!

At the State Department hearing this past Wednesday in Washington, representatives from contractors US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Church World Service and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society all praised the US State Department for the expeditious arrival (so far) of refugees in FY2013.

So, just now as I checked the Palestinian arrivals at WRAPS, I see that, for only being a little over half way into the fiscal year, we have brought a larger number of refugees than usually arrive by this time.  So far, as of April 30th, we have brought in 39,778 refugees.  We could easily hit 80,000 at that rate which would be higher than previous years.

Waad Ramadan Alwan. His fingerprints were on an IED in Iraq, but he got into the US as a refugee!

Here are the top 5 nationalities of refugees resettled so far:

Iraqis:  11,066  (The State Dept. knows how many of these are Muslims and how many are Christians! See Muslim share of immigrant population growing, here)

Burmese:  9,336

Bhutanese (really Nepal): 5,067

Somalis:  4,387   (This number is so high because they re-opened family reunification for Somalis.  It had been closed  beginning in 2008 due to high levels of fraud detected.  At this rate, 2013 will come close to the highest Bush years.)

Cubans:  2,199  (could Florida’s wealthy Cubans be pushing Senator Marco Rubio?)

Hurry! Someone tell Senator Rand Paul!  Just now as I searched for a photo of  one of Bowling Green, Kentucky’s Iraqi refugee terrorists, I came across a story only a few weeks old where Paul is asking, why the heck are we bringing so many Iraqis?  Maybe Senator Paul doesn’t know that S.744 (The Gang of Eight plus Grover bill) will make it easier and provide more money for refugees and asylum seekers to get into the US!  He could do something about that!—strip all refugee/asylum provisions from the bill and hold separate hearings on the program!

If you are a new reader here, scroll back through the previous few days for stories on Somali, Chechen, and Uzbek refugee terrorists in the US (and Palestinian immigrant terrorists too!).