Refugee advocates! Just so you know, you are in bed with Grover Norquist and big business

Update October 23rd:  More news on Norquist at Potomac Tea Party Report today, here.

This is an article about “amnesty” but it reminds me to remind the human rights gang and you “church” people that you are working side-by-side with big business interests looking for cheap labor (it is not about having a humanitarian heart!) and that Grover Norquist is a ring-leader of the cabal.

We first reported on Grover Norquist in 2007 when he was pushing for the importation of Iraqi refugees and we wondered how that would benefit the US taxpayer.
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For new readers, type ‘Grover Norquist’ into our search function.  We have been following his activities for years.  Here is one post I wrote at Potomac Tea Party Report in 2011 about Rep. Frank Wolf linking Norquist to the Islamic infiltration of the US Government.  As Wolf admonished his fellow Members, “you can never say again that you didn’t know!”

From Policymic:

“People are an asset, they’re not a liability” were the words with which Grover Norquist chose to commence his Immigration Reform Coming Out Party at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing back in April.

Known as the man who launched his political career by founding Americans for Tax Reform and led the right on its anti-tax agenda through the fiscal cliff and sequestration, Norquist is now proposing that conservatives “[get] past this sense [of being] anti-immigrant.”

Norquist’s sentiment is echoed by many Republicans, in particular the very donors who raised the most funds for last year’s presidential election. Charlie Spies, the founder of Restore Our Future, the most prominent super PAC behind Romney’s 2012 presidential bid, also happens to the leader of a new super PAC, Republicans for Immigration Reform. Another such group, Partnership for a New American Economy, has seen a great influx of conservative businessmen including independent and GOP members. It is backed by the likes of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, an independent, the head of Marriott International hotel company Bill Marriott Jr., and the CEO of Jonathan Johnson, both of whom are Republicans. With a majority of members evidently boasting ties to Wall Street and large businesses, this growing network is putting its money and influence behind what other GOPers dub “amnesty.”

Why do you think CEOs like Marriott want amnesty and refugee resettlement?  Can you say chamber maids, baggage handlers and kitchen help?   Or, why are the meatpackers pushing amnesty?  Think of it, with refugees they don’t even have to feel guilty about paying low wages because the refugees lives are being subsidized by the taxpayer via food stamps, Section 8 housing, health care etc.

Compared to the many Republican politicians and media figures who pulled a fast one when they saw the demographic tides changing, Norquist’s and Republican business leaders’ immigration activism seems unexpectedly genuine. As early as 2010, Norquist demonstrated his pro-immigration stance while toeing the line on traditional GOP values.

And, why is it “unexpectedly genuine”—they genuinely want to increase their bottom line as the reporter makes clear at the end of the article.

However, it is no coincidence that Norquist and well-off GOP businessmen share two central tenets in their political agenda — one, preventing tax increases, and two, giving immigrants a path to citizenship.


As such, it should come as no surprise that business-minded Republicans, usually strong advocates of low taxes, are now the spokespeople for creating a path to citizenship. For big business owners, what is not to like about an increased supply of labor, driving competition in the job market up and wages down?

So we shuffle poor people around the world in the name of humanitarianism disrupting their cultures (and ours!) so they can make beds for the wealthy (or cut meat) and the church do-gooders (the resettlement contractors who are also, by the way, pushing amnesty) can convince themselves that they are good people.

If one wants to be a “good” Christian or Jew, then support some poor individual or family on your own dime, either here or abroad.

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