World Council of Churches joins enviros to push UN on ‘climate refugees’

The groups are going to send postcards to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon by December 10th to try to persuade the UN to do something to save the people affected by weather.   Isn’t that a cause we should all get behind? Weather affects us all!

Here is the news at AllAfrica:

In order to build on its work for the protection of climate refugees, the World Council of Churches (WCC) joins an innovative campaign “Postcards from the Frontlines” aiming to achieve urgently needed recognition and protection for climate refugees around the world.

According to reports millions of people were forced from their homes due to weather-related events in the year 2012 alone.

Initiated by the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) in collaboration with ByPost, the “Postcards from the Frontlines” campaign allows people to send a free postcard from phone or desktop, which will arrive as a real physical postcard at the United Nations secretary-general’s office in New York, calling for action on climate refugees. The project aims to reach 100,000 postcards by Human Rights Day, 10 December, when a public response will be sought from the UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon.

The campaign was launched on 24 September.

A couple of years ago there was quite a ruckus among the Leftwing groups over the use of the word “refugee” when discussing global warming.  One side of the argument was that the word “refugee” should be reserved for those who are persecuted and essentially come under the aegis of the 1951 Refugee Convention.  They had their feathers ruffled by the climate refugee pushers.  I don’t know if they have worked out their differences, but the phrase ‘climate refugee’ seems to be in common use now.   See our whole category on ‘climate refugees’ to learn more about the squabble.

By the way, we know of one off-shoot of the World Council of Churches resettling regular refugees and that is the Virginia Council of Churches which is almost completely funded by you, the taxpayer.

World Council of Churches a front for communism?

That is what the author Christine Meinsen contends in a little book I just found at Amazon entitled:  Communist Infiltration of American Churches 1887 – 2012: World Council of Churches National Council of Churches .

Here is the write-up at Amazon:

Who knew when they placed their money in the collection plate Sunday morning they were financing the removal of prayer from America’s schools and “giving aid and comfort to the Communist movement”?

This book begins with a detailed list of Communist goals straight from the Congressional Record then, with references included, provides documented accounts of church activity and funding used to aid communist agitators in their pursuit to achieve those precise goals.

Shockingly, many of these goals have already been achieved. It began in 1887, when Josiah Strong coordinated the General Christian Conference to pool America’s churches into one of the most elusive united fronts for communism the world has ever seen. Strong’s organization morphed and expanded eventually culminating in the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches.

Behind the scenes these groups, along with a host of others, founded by politicians and millionaires, have been directing the church’s progressive transformation from one that promotes soul saving evangelism and apostolic training into a mission to advance communism throughout America and the world.

This book provides a brief but detailed account of some of the most shocking activities of the communist front organizations that have infiltrated churches in America and around the globe. Also included is a Resolution to get your church out of these hideously deceitful organizations. What we don’t know, has already hurt us.

Belgium: Afghan asylum-seekers denied asylum, but refuse to leave

Editors note:  If you are a subscriber and received last night’s post about “refugees” from Chicago, you might want to revisit the post for my correction They were Americans seeking refuge in Madison, Wisconsin as they escaped war-torn Chicago!

Afghan asylum seekers protesting in Brussels.

What a mess!  Europe is being swamped with Muslim refugees from the Arab world.  It’s an influx so large that it will ultimately sink those socialist countries economically and socially.  And, yet you also know these asylum-seekers have much to fear because when the US is gone from Afghanistan a blood bath is coming.

I would like to know the reason that these families have been ordered deported, but unfortunately the media is always quick to paint any “refugees” as completely vulnerable and innocent of any wrong-doing.  In the accompanying news clip and in very good English, one of the women accuses Europeans of not caring about women and children (they have the lingo down pat!).

From Press TV:

Four families are living in this one small room. [Watch the accompanying news clip—ed].  This is where they eat and sleep. They are among a group of approximately 450 people from Afghanistan who are now living in this Brussels City Centre building. The population consists of dozens of families and almost 100 children. The Afghans are now refusing to leave this centre for asylum seekers after all of their applications for refugee status and residency were turned down by Belgian authorities.

The Afghan families say that their request for asylum is fully legitimate claiming that men who refuse to join the Taliban in Afghanistan face the risk of being killed.

Some of the families claim that they paid gangs up to 30,000 U.S dollars in order to get safe passage out of Afghanistan and into the E.U. Now they face a very uncertain future.  [Where do these ‘poor’ people get all this money, does no reporter ever ask?  Are they funded by rich groups (or governments) which want to destabilize Europe?—ed]

It is currently impossible to know how this impasse will end. Belgian authorities are insisting that these people must go while the people themselves are equally adamant that they won’t leave.

It’s only going to get worse!

Maybe it’s time for Daniel Pipes’ “culture zone” concept!  Move them on to rich Muslim countries!

Photo:  This has been going on for awhile! The photo is from a 2011 story at Radio Free Europe about a similar eviction notice, here.