Al-Shabaab goes international with deadly mall attack in Kenya

Update September 23rd:  There is so much coverage of this story I can’t keep up, but here is one from CNN about the fact that refugees living in the US were recruited for Jihad in Africa—this story is FIVE YEARS OLD!  What takes the media so long to catch up?

Update:  ABC is reporting that the attacks could have ramifications in the US since so many Somalis left the US to join the Jihadists over the last few years, but they cannot bring themselves to use the “r” word (refugee!) leaving the average readers scratching their heads and wondering how all these Somalis got to the US in the first place.

Update:  See photo at Vlad Tepes here (warning!  it is heartbreaking).  If the link isn’t opening try Vlad’s home page (here).

Update:  There is a report at PJ Media (thanks to all who sent this news) that some of the Somali terrorists are Americans—that would almost have to mean they are also “refugees”  (or the children of refugees) resettled in Minnesota, or possibly another of the “preferred” locations for Somali resettlement.

And, I bet most Americans think this is ‘over there’ and has nothing to do with the US.  Wrong!  We have had (and may still have) the Somali terrorist group al-Shabaab in Minnesota and possibly other “welcoming” cities where Somali “refugees” have been resettled.

We began following al-Shabaab (sometimes spelled al-Shabab) since its US Jihadi recruitment activities became known in 2008, here.  For ambitious readers, the key words ‘missing Somali youths’ are found in our one-hundred-plus-post archive on the recruitment of mostly young men we raised and educated on the taxpayers’ dime.  (I’ll bet there is no one place, other than RRW, for a complete history of the recruitment.)

Photo is from the Investigative Project on Terrorism

Al-Shabaab in 2009:  “Beware we are coming!”

Here is a post I wrote in January 2009 where I reported that al-Shabaab spokesmen were caught on tape saying they want to re-establish the Islamic caliphate and eventually control the world.  Why is it that we don’t take them at their word?

“Islamic rule from Alaska and Chile to South Africa, and from Japan to Russia. Beware, we are coming.”


“Our objectives, by the grace of God, are to see the return of the Islamic Caliphate, the last of which was the Ottoman empire that collapsed in the 1920s. We want to bring that system back and govern the world with God’s law.

In March of 2009, I attended a shameful (even more shameful in retrospect then I viewed it at the time) hearing in the Senate Homeland Security Committee where Senators Lieberman and Collins visibly gave a sigh of relief to hear from US GOVERNMENT TERROR EXPERTS that al-Shabaab was all about defending their homeland from Ethiopian “invaders.”

The Senators were looking for a link to al-Qaeda, and if there wasn’t one they were happy.  They didn’t get it then, and most people don’t get it now—Islamists do not have to be formally linked to have the same ideological goals!  Of course, subsequently the link to al-Qaeda was definitively determined.

Kenyan mall slaughter

Update:  Israeli forces rescuing hostages according to this report.  Hat tip: Janet.

Yesterday, al-Shabaab, which most “experts” thought was on the run as the new Somalia government gained strength, has flexed its muscle outside of Somalia to show the world they aren’t done yet.  An attack on Obama’s ancestral home is a signal to the world that they are still relevant, and that Obama has not made any peace with the Muslim world.

As of this writing, Sunday morning, CNN is reporting that 59 innocent Saturday shoppers were killed, 175 wounded and the Somali Islamic terrorists still hold 30 hostages in the most deadly attack in Kenya since the US embassy bombing in 1998.

[And, btw where is Drudge?  When I started checking out the breaking news yesterday, I began with Drudge, as I usually do, and as of this minute, I’m not even seeing the terror attack mentioned there!]

Frankly I’m sick of these Somali Islamists and the issue of al-Shabaab recruiters operating in the US.  Really!  I’m sick of our naive view of Somalis and the goals of Islamists.

So please read our friend Jerry Gordon’s account of what happened.  He isn’t tired of making the connection between the goals of Islam and refugees.    And, folks, it isn’t just that you should fear your next mall shopping trip, the more important Jihad on-going now is the demographic Jihad (read al Hijra—the Islamic doctrine of Jihad by immigration)!

And, have a look at CNN explaining al-Shabaab to their readers.  At least some mainstream outlet is doing it—5 years late—but better late then never (what a joke!).

How many Somalis have been resettled in the US?

More than 100,000 now and those are just the ones who came in through the State Department’s Refugee Program with the help of nine federal contractors***.  See our now outdated post here.

But, if you are thinking we have maybe slowed the flow of new Somali refugees, forget it!  Fiscal year 2013 ends in eight days. 

As of August 31st we have resettled 6,679 additional Somalis this year alone!  Go here.

Photo is from this 2010 story at The Investigative Project on Terrorism.

*** I often wonder if one day these “church” leaders will place their heads in their hands and ask themselves—‘God what have I done?’

Addendum:  I should have linked this 2011 post (it is being heavily hit today) on why there are so many Somalis in Minnesota—thank Catholic Charities, World Relief and Lutheran Social Service and their sugar-daddy—-The US State Department.