Daniel Pipes: Let refugees stay in their own cultural zone!

I love it!  And, it makes so much sense you know it won’t fly!

But, it gives me an idea.  Immigration restriction advocates are always on the defense when dealing with the open borders agitators demanding we should be “good” people and let ’em all in.  Pipes has a suggestion—and we should all be promoting it in the media and with our US Senators and Members of Congress—resettle Muslim refugees in their own “culture zone” which Pipes calls “Arabia.”

The advantage for Muslim refugees in Arabia—no dogs, no pork, no scantily clad women, and no gay marriage to assault their religious sensibilities!

Here is his op-ed in the Washington Times today (hat tip: Paul)!  I don’t want to steal his thunder, nor do I want to put in all his links, so please go read his proposal.

The problem:

About one-tenth of Syria’s 22 million residents have fled across an international border, mostly to neighboring Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey. Unable to cope, their governments are restricting entry, prompting international concern about the Syrians’ plight. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres, suggests that his agency (as the Guardian paraphrases him) “look to resettle tens of thousands of Syrian refugees in countries better able to afford to host them,”


…. many more Muslim refugees are likely on their way. In addition to Syrians, these include Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Afghans, Iranians, Iraqis, Lebanese, Palestinians, Egyptians, Somalis, and Algerians. Other nationals – for example, Yemenis and Tunisians – might soon join their ranks.

The solution:

To place Syrians in “countries better able to afford to host them,” as Guterres delicately puts it, one need simply divert attention from the Christian-majority West toward the vast, empty expanses of the fabulously wealthy Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as the smaller but in some cases even richer states of Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. For starters, these countries (which I will collectively call Arabia) are much more convenient to repatriate to Syria from than, say, New Zealand. Living there also means not enduring frozen climes (as in Sweden) or learning difficult languages spoken by few, such as Danish.

More importantly, Muslims of Arabia share deep religious ties with their Syrian brothers and sisters, so settling there avoids the strains of life in the West.

Read it all.

We have many times on these pages pointed out that rich Muslim countries (especially Saudi Arabia) take NO refugees.  The International Left and the United Nations never utter a word of criticism (no surprise there!).

World Relief building the refugee population of Memphis, TN

Resettlement contractor:  You don’t have to “go across the ocean,” you can get diversity right here in Memphis!

This morning I saw this article in a college newspaper about World Relief’s Memphis office promoting its internship program where local college students put in hours saving the agency time and money by helping refugees get settled, get to doctors appointments, apply for jobs etc. and I realized we haven’t said much recently about World Relief or Tennessee’s other big resettlement cities.  We mention Nashville all the time and the huge role Catholic Charities plays in Tennessee generally.

We’ve had a lot of posts lately about Catholics, Lutherans and even Jews (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) resettling refugees (including Muslim refugees), so maybe if you are an Evangelical Christian you are thinking it’s those other faith groups doing all the contracting for the US State Department, but your people are involved too!   World Relief’s full name is World Relief Corp. of National Association of Evangelicals and it is one of nine major federal contractors.

The headquarters office of World Relief is in Baltimore, MD and according to its most recently available Form 990, here, they received $51,828,435 in income and $34,109,484 was from “government grants.”  As is the case for the other eight contractors, they could not exist if it weren’t for the fact that you are supporting them with your tax dollars.

Incidentally they don’t pay the big fat salaries we reported for Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota the other day, here.

This is the story, nothing earth-shattering here, just your basic puff-piece.

I suspect, but don’t know for sure, that World Relief keeps track of the student intern hours, assigns them a financial value and is basically reimbursed that money through the federal match grant program (out of the taxpayers’ pocket) as so many contractors are.  In other words, you pay for the student ‘volunteers’ too!

From The Daily Helmsman:

Refugees from countries often have already overcome innumerable hurdles, and World Relief is there to provide just what the name suggests: relief.

Across the United States, World Relief has many stations such as Chicago, Nashville, and, the most recent work-in-progress, Memphis.

“It’s a global organization, and not all of them are refugee relief,” said summer intern Peyton English, a junior sociology major attending Union University.


Once refugees get their paperwork approved, World Relief sets up their living quarters and figures out their job experience, strengths and weaknesses, along with family information.

The refugees will then receive monthly checks from the government for the next eight months — a period in which employees and interns will work with them to teach the basics of American culture as well as set them up for a life here.


While this is an organization that has Christian values, one does not necessarily have to be of that religion to participate.  [Muslims are welcome!—ed]

Moses encourages students to join in with this experience.

“I think that Memphis is diverse, and this is one avenue of many to get involved with people of different faiths, backgrounds and socioeconomic backgrounds as well,” he said. “You will get a wide range of experience, and you don’t have to go across the ocean to do that. You can do it right here in Memphis.”

Checking the numbers!

Interested readers should visit WRAPS.net from time to time to see what refugees are coming to your towns.  Just now I went there and clicked on Arrivals by Destination City by Nationality by CY as of Aug 31, 2013.

Usually I look up the Fiscal year numbers but this time I inadvertently used the Calendar Year database.  The only difference is that the Fiscal Year numbers are recorded from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30 of the following year.  In any case these data bases are up to date until August 31st of this year.

From 2001 to August 31, 2013 Tennessee resettled 12,812 refugees.   “Welcoming” Nashville resettled 7,273 and 1,395 of those were Somalis.  Memphis looks to be the second largest resettlement city in the state with 2,006 refugees and 805 of those were Somalis.  In calendar year 2013, Memphis (World Relief?) resettled 103 refugees and 59 of those were newly arrived Somalis.

As I reported here in my story on the Kenya massacre, we have a larger than normal contingent of Somalis resettled in the US this fiscal year.

As of August 31st we have resettled 6,679 additional Somalis this year alone!  Go here.

I think I should work on a little project and see where all of the FY 2013 Somalis were resettled.

Pakistan gives Afghan refugees a reprieve: they can stay until December 2015

Afghan women wait to register with the UNHCR in Peshawar in June 2012. Candidates for resettlement to a third country?

As the US begins its draw-down in Afghanistan, fewer of the nearly 2 million Afghans who slipped into Pakistan are willing to go back to Afghanistan.

But then what?   Surely we won’t take more to the US?  Right?

[BTW, check out Daniel Greenfield on “Know your military colonists” which so many of our readers have sent to our attention, here. Afghans figure prominently!]

From Press TV:

These are Afghan refugees living in the slums at the outskirts of Islamabad. The government sees many among them with growing suspicion of links with criminal and terrorist activities. Nonetheless, months before the deadline to expel Afghan refugees, Islamabad in a generous gesture of hospitality decided to allow them to extend their stay till December 2015.

The bigger challenge for regional countries is on how to repatriate Afghan refugees voluntarily. These are official representatives from Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan. They are currently engaged to adopt a strategy to support the voluntary return of Afghan refugees and ensure their sustainable reintegration in Afghanistan.

Afghan refugees are running their own businesses and have mingled up in Pakistani society primarily because of sharing ideological and ethnic background across Pak-Afghan border. Therefore, not every one among them is willing to return their homeland.

The UNHCR says the number of Afghan refugees who is willing to return to their homes has decreased 40 percent -partially because of increasing Taliban insurgency. With the U-S-led foreign forces gradually withdrawing, the fear looms large among refugees of more chaotic conditions in coming years as the Taliban are expanding their grip over Afghanistan.

So tell me again, why we expended so much blood and treasure in Afghanistan?  (Or Iraq, or Libya for that matter).

Photo is from this story at Radio Free Europe.