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That’s me at the January 2013 MD CAN conference introducing columnist/author Diana West.

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St. Cloud, MN: Somalis want more access to the court system

For what?

Seems to me that Somalis have been very busy in the Minnesota courts.  Judy reported the settlement in 2009 of an over $1 million pay-out in a religious discrimination suit where Somalis claimed persecution because the chicken plant didn’t let them have special time off for religious observance.  Then more recently, also in Minnesota, CAIR sued a dessert maker which objected to the long clothing worn by Somali workers (safety issue, claimed the company).

Bringing hundreds of Somalis to St. Cloud. Photo: Lutheran Social Service St. Cloud facebook page.

We can’t forget that Somali terror-related cases are keeping Minnesota courts busy.  Here is one of many posts on the terror-funding trials.   And, then we most recently reported on the Somali women convicted of voter fraud, here.  So it seems to me they are pretty involved in the Minnesota court system already!

For new readers, St. Cloud is home to a growing Somali community.  Up until 2010, refugees arrived on their own to work in what else—meat packing plants.  But, in its infinite wisdom, about three years ago, the US State Department made St. Cloud a  “welcoming” resettlement site with its primary resettlement contractor —-Lutheran Social Service!

Here is one story from 2010 about the new push to bring Somalis to the St. Cloud area.

Also, in 2010 I wrote this post about the Far Left community agitators hooking up with the Somalis to bring political strife to St. Cloud.  I don’t presume to be an expert on the St. Cloud area, but the city has made news here at RRW on many occasions.  Go here for all of our posts on St. Cloud.

Now back to the news relating to our headline.  This is a notice of a meeting in October billed as a “listening session” for Somalis to gain more access to the court system.  If you live in the St. Cloud area, you really should plan to attend.  I sure hope they aren’t looking for special “shariah law” treatment in Minnesota courts!

From the St. Cloud Times:

Judges, lawyers and other justice system partners will have a listening session in St. Cloud designed to improve access to the courts for Somalis.

The event is scheduled for 9 a.m.-noon on Oct. 26 at Whitney Senior Center, 1527 Northway Drive. Preregistration is required by Oct. 21.

The listening session is being co-sponsored by the city of St. Cloud and the Equal Justice Committees of the Seventh and Tenth Judicial Districts. The bulk of the St. Cloud area is located within those two judicial districts.

The goal of the session is to advance efforts to eliminate bias in court operations based on race, gender, ethnicity, age, disability, socioeconomic status, religion, sexual orientation and any other status protected by law.

Other goals include ensuring equal access to the courts and a fair and impartial courtroom. There will be a light lunch provided by Somali Cafe.

To register for the event, send an e-mail to or call Rita at 320-591-1513.