Some miscellaneous housekeeping items

That’s me at the January 2013 MD CAN conference introducing columnist/author Diana West.

From Ann:

First, we might soon be changing the e-mail address for RRW, so watch for that change.

Then a reader asked me to be sure we have a “print” option on each post and I think we do now!  Honestly, I am terrible at keeping up with the technical side of blogging.  I love researching and writing the content, but not the tech-stuff!

However, while making sure we had a “print” option, I did make some changes to the ‘widgets.’  I added one (right-hand side bar) for recent posts and one for Tag “clouds.”  We only just started using tags this year so they may not be as accurate as if we had used them from day one.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I find the ‘top posts’ each day to be very informative as well as the categories.  Also, our search function is great and since we have written 4,973 posts, I use it all the time to see if we have written about a subject previously.  Just type in a few key words and you will likely find something you are looking for.

At the beginning of September, I said in a post that we would be thrilled to get one new subscriber a day and I see we are right on target—we need one for today, the 16th, to continue toward that goal.  Just a reminder that the subject of RRW is something most people in the world know little about (most people know nothing!) and so we can’t expect to have millions of readers yet!

Social media:  We have a facebook page here.  I stink at visiting it (will try harder!), but it does post every post if you prefer that way of being informed of new posts (rather than subscribing).

And, I do tweet.  I am AnnC@RefugeeWatcher and I would love to get more followers!

Oh, and one more thing.  I don’t know anything about the advertisements wordpress is putting at the bottom of our posts.  I need to look into it because we make no money from writing this blog, it is purely a charitable enterprise by blog partner Judy and myself.

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