RRW has best month since our debut in 2007!

Gradually, ever so gradually, people are beginning to ‘wake-up’ to refugee resettlement (other legal immigration) and what it means for taxpayers and for the health and social structure of communities and countries.  September 30th isn’t over yet, but this is already the top month since July 2007 for the number of visitors reading our blog!   That also makes September 2013 the month with the highest daily average of viewers.

On September first, we set a goal to add 30 new subscribers in the month.  We have far exceeded that goal by adding 75 (before today is even over!).  We will keep expectations low and aim for 31 more in October.

Of course the largest number of our readers come from the US, but here are the next nine countries in descending order:  Australia, Canada, U.K., Sweden, Germany, Thailand, South Africa, India, and the Netherlands.

New e-mail address is on the right-hand side-bar.  If you happen to have my personal e-mail address, please feel free to continue to use it!

And, for those of you who prefer not to subscribe, know that I post everything at twitter and posts automatically go to our facebook page.

I am AnnC@RefugeeWatcher.

Facebook page is here.  My apologies in advance for being terrible about chatting on facebook.

Also, apologies for any advertisements on our posts.  They are automatically generated by wordpress, our work here is completely a charitable enterprise—call it a labor of love!

Addendum:  Oops, I should have mentioned our fact sheet, a hot read lately too!  It is linked above under the header.

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