As Rudd takes over in Australia, the looming issue is what to do with the boat people

Update July 8th:  Immigration policy will be what the next election in Australia will hinge on, here at the Herald Sun:

Asylum seeker policy is set to be a major battleground of the election as both the Government and the Coalition promise tougher action.

Thousands of mostly Muslim boat people have been arriving on Australian shores and roiling the political landscape there for years. 

This boat packed with Sri Lankans arrived in Australia in April, and many of those on board were promptly flown back to Sri Lanka. Photo: ABC

Note to readers:  forget it if you think you can escape to Australia!*

Looks like they too have lost control of their borders!

This NYT article is from last Wednesday, in advance of a meeting that was planned in Indonesia on the boat people crisis.  I don’t know how that turned out.

From the New York Times:

 Mr. [Kevin] Rudd, who last week replaced the struggling Julia Gillard as prime minister amid record low poll numbers for their governing Labor Party, is facing a hotly contested election currently set for September. No issue looms as large over his chances of retaining power as slowing the record number of rickety boats attempting the perilous crossing between the two countries. 

Thousands of asylum seekers fly into Indonesia every year, where they pay smugglers to ferry them in often unsafe, overcrowded vessels to Christmas Island, a remote Australian territory in the Indian Ocean that is its nearest point to Indonesia. Iranian and Afghan asylum seekers, together with Sri Lankans who often sail directly to Christmas Island without transiting in Indonesia, make up the majority of such asylum claims. Accidents at sea have killed more than 600 people since late 2009, and finding a long-term solution has eluded successive Australian governments going back more than a decade to John Howard, the conservative former prime minister.

Experts say recent statements from senior Australian ministers and advisers to Mr. Rudd signal a push to get tough on asylum seekers ahead of the elections as a means of insulating the Labor Party against claims that it has lost control of the country’s borders.

By the way, in 2010 we had a report that the US State Department, in a perversion of international refugee law, was taking some of the Sri Lankans who arrived illegally in Australia to Oakland, CA for resettlement.  The Malta doctrine!

Not refugees!  Economic migrants!  (this statement must be making the heathen rage):

 Foreign Minister Bob Carr of Australia, speaking by telephone from Brunei late Tuesday, placed regional security concerns and asylum seekers at the top of the agenda for the summit meeting. He repeated his recent claim that nearly all those now seeking asylum in Australia by boat are economic migrants and thus not entitled to refugee status under the U.N. Refugee Convention, to which Australia is a signatory.

And, get this, once a citizen of Iran gets out of Iran, no country can deport them back to Iran!  That sure is one way to spread Islamic colonizers throughout the world!  (Don’t forget to read about Al Hijra—the Islamic doctrine of immigration!)

He singled out Iran, which is feeling the bite of U.N. sanctions aimed at getting it to abandon its nuclear program and does not accept the repatriation of its citizens, as a major source of such migrants. He said Australia would be discussing ways to dissuade citizens of that country in particular from attempting the crossing.

About the photo:  Here is the story at Radio Australia.  By the way, although not Muslims, western countries are concerned that the Sri Lankan migrants are connected to the Tamil Tigers  faction which pioneered the use of the suicide belt to make its political point.

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The third world is making a beeline to Canada; government trying to get it under control

My Canada stories are piling up, so I’m going to post three here in one post.

First is an update of the Sri Lankan boat people that we first reported here in 2010.  Seems that at least two men on the ship were wrongly given refugee status according to a Canadian Court.  Pro-immigration lawyers had creatively argued that since the ship had been publicly identified with Tamil Tiger terrorists that none of the migrants could be returned safely to Sri Lanka without fear of persecution.

Sri Lankans are also traveling by boat to get into Australia as we reported here last week.

From the National Post:

Police and military personnel wear surgical masks as they board the MV Sun Sea after it was escorted into CFB Esquimalt in Colwood, B.C. on Aug. 13, 2010. Jonathan Hayward / CP files

The Immigration & Refugee Board misinterpreted the law when it granted asylum to two Sri Lankans simply because they had traveled to Canada aboard the human smuggling ship MV Sun Sea, the Federal Court has ruled.

In a pair of decisions, the court weighed in on attempts by refugee lawyers to argue that, because the Sun Sea has been publicly linked to the Tamil Tigers rebels, its passengers faced persecution if Canada sent them back to Sri Lanka.

The latest cases involved two men who were not considered genuine refugees except for the fact they had been on board the Sun Sea. The refugee board ruled that made them members of a “social group” that faced persecution.

But this week, the court said it had used the wrong standard of proof to reach those decisions. It overturned both men’s asylum claims and sent the cases back for re-evaluation.


The Sun Sea arrived off the British Columbia coast in August 2010, carrying 492 Sri Lankan migrants. The voyage had originated in Thailand and was organized by a smuggling syndicate that charged hefty fees.

Although those on board claimed to be fleeing persecution, Justice Sean Harrington said B472 “was found to be a liar,” while B323 was not credible and did not face a serious chance of mistreatment when he had lived in Sri Lanka.

“The Sun Sea passengers had a myriad of motives to come to Canada,” he wrote in his ruling.

“Some were human smugglers. Some may well have been terrorists. Some were garden-variety criminals who wanted to escape justice. Some had serious reason to fear persecution in Sri Lanka and some, like Mr. 472, were economic migrants.”

Second story for today

Canada saving billions by fast-tracking asylum claims from countries not considered to be producing legitimate refugees, including any who want asylum from the US!   Thanks to a reader for sending this about a week ago.

From the Globe and Mail:

Canada has seen a dramatic drop in the number of refugees seeking asylum here after Ottawa began fast-tracking applications from countries where it feels people are less likely to be persecuted.

Senior government sources say that on average, 164 foreigners are claiming asylum weekly in 2013, down nearly 70 per cent from the average weekly claim for the past five years, which was 537. This is based on data for the first seven weeks of 2013.

The plummeting figures show the impact of the changes that Immigration Minister Jason Kenney made to Canada’s refugee system in 2012 when he sponsored a bill that made this country a less welcoming destination for asylum seekers with shaky claims – those he called “bogus refugees.”


Mr. Kenney’s legislation, now law, gives the Immigration Minister the power to designate which countries are less likely to be a legitimate source of refugees.

Changes last year designated 27 countries of origin – including the United States, most European Union member countries and Croatia – as places from which claims would be fast-tracked. Ottawa added eight more countries to this list this month.

Refugee claimants from countries on this safe list – those that Canada considers democratic states with a solid human-rights record and an independent judiciary – now have much less time to fight to stay here.   [and thus do not need to be housed and fed at taxpayer expense—ed]

The third story in my Canadian troika today is this one about Immigration Minister Kenney traveling to Turkey and being criticized for not committing to take thousands of Syrians home with him.  This is the story from the Edmonton Journal last week.  Kenney did commit to resettle more Iraqis and Iranians.

OTTAWA – The NDP and a Syrian Canadian group are questioning why Immigration Minister Jason Kenney chose to accept Iraqi and Iranian refugees when he visited fleeing Syrians in Turkey last month.

They accuse Kenney of misleading the Canadian public by touting his visit as being in support of Syrian refugees, which currently number about 200,000 in Turkey, when Canada opted instead to take 5,000 Iraqis and Iranians.

But Kenney’s office says there’s a perfectly good explanation for the decision: Turkey won’t let any fleeing Syrians leave the country until the United Nations officially declares them actual refugees.

Kenney’s aides also say Canada is currently co-operating with the UN’s refugee agency, which doesn’t want to push the resettlement of the hundreds of thousands of fleeing Syrians just yet.

Read it all!

I had been wondering why Western countries weren’t dashing to Turkey to bring home refugees.  The UN says it isn’t time yet.  Watch for it!  The Iraqis are getting boring to the US refugee contractors, Syrians will be next.  As a matter of fact, I bet at this year’s State Department hearing for who to bring in 2014, the likes of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops will be asking for Syrians please!

Brownsville, TX: More OTMs coming across our borders seeking asylum

This is a very informative little bit of news from Texas.  We have been told that Middle Easterners, Africans and Asians (Other than Mexicans) are coming across our southern border (probably northern too, we just don’t hear it so often), but this director of a shelter for illegals* in Texas confirms that is what he is seeing.

And, here is the really informative part—-immigration lawyers are apparently ready and waiting to process them as asylum seekers.    I have speculated that not only do these migrants get help once they cross the border, but I’ll bet a buck some in the open borders movement are advising their journey’s across the globe and prepping them to tell their stories of “persecution.”  See my speculation and call for a Congressional investigation here (LOL!  Two years ago this week! You can see how they listen to me!)

Check it out!  Here is the whole short news report (KRGV 5), but be sure to watch the accompanying video.  (Hat tip: Robin)

BROWNSVILLE – The Ozanam Center in Brownsville is experiencing a spike in the number of immigrants from countries other than Mexico, center officials said.

Many of those immigrants are seeking political asylum, Ozanam Center Inc. Director Victor Maldonado said.

Tauhidul Mazumder is one of those immigrants. He arrived in the Rio Grande Valley from Sri Lanka. He was smuggled into the United States trough Reynosa.

“I paid them $2,000 and we crossed the border. I don’t know how I crossed the border. We were in a car and the next time we were in McAllen,” Mazumder said.

Once in the United States, he filed for political asylum. He said he was threatened in his homeland and fears he will be killed if he is sent back.  [Could he be a Tamil Tiger?  That would explain persecution in Sri Lanka!–ed]

“I talked to a lawyer and they got me here,” he said

Mazumder said the lawyer told him the Ozanam Center could give him refuge free of charge for a month.

Maldonado said he has seen an increase in immigrants like Mazumder.

“The shelter has always taken individuals from everywhere in the world, but we have seen that trend from that part of the world. Now we are seeing more and more,” Maldonado said.

Immigration attorneys are sending the foreigners to the center, Maldonado said.

“Many of the individuals that are coming here are educated. They do know English, limited English, but we are able to communicate. We try to assist them and help them if we can with an attorney or someone who can help them,” Maldonado said.

He has money for the smuggler, he is educated and speaks English, is headed for NYC (mentioned in the video clip)….sounds like a legitimate refugee doesn’t he?  NOT!

By the way, we have other posts on Brownsville, here is one where a Somali smuggler was caught there a few years ago.

* Don’t you wonder who is paying for this shelter for illegals???