Corruption and bribery alleged in UN refugee office in Sudan

And, the allegations are coming from a humanitarian publication under the UN umbrella.
Why do you care?
Because the UN High Commissioner for Refugees is the first stop for most refugees coming to your towns. (We took 53 from Sudan in the last 7 months). 
This is just more evidence that the US State Department should be cutting the umbilical cord to the United Nations Refugee Program. If we are going to be taking refugees from third world hell holes we should be doing the choosing and the processing without UN ‘help.’
(Don’t miss the chart below showing the UN as the first step in the screening of refugees to be your new neighbors!)
You know this is going on everywhere!
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Canada: Catholic High School basketball star is 29-year-old "refugee"

A month ago I created a new category which I subsequently didn’t use (laugh of the day) because everything has just been too darn deadly serious.  But, here is a laugh for you….
[My apologies to our many Canadian readers because I have a whole pile of news on Canada I haven’t gotten to. Problems are starting to arise (no surprise!) because of Boy Trudeau’s hasty resettlement of thousands upon thousands of Syrians.]

Rival coach on Jonathan Nicola high school bball wonder: look at that face, is that the face of a 17-year-old?

Here is the story, a request for a US visa confirmed what other coaches were saying about the ‘star’ player (hat tip: Joanne):

Canadian authorities said Wednesday that a budding high school basketball star is actually a 29-year-old refugee*** from South Sudan.

The Canadian Border Services Agency said that Jonathan Nicola was arrested earlier this week for contravening the country’s Immigration Refugee Protection Act.

The agency said Nicola “misrepresented material facts” on his application for a study permit to Canada, submitting an application with a date of birth of Nov. 25, 1998 — which would make him 17. The agency says when Nicola recently applied for a U.S. visitor visa, a fingerprint match determined he was an individual who had made a previous application to the U.S. using a date of birth of Nov. 1, 1986 — making him 29.

The Windsor Star reported that Nicola was remanded into custody after a hearing before the country’s Immigration and Refugee Board Tuesday. Another hearing is scheduled for next week. Nicola faces deportation if convicted.

Nicola was attending Catholic Central High School in Windsor and played on the basketball team, even living with head coach Pete Cusumano. In January, Cusumano told the Windsor Star that he thought Nicola had a chance to play in the NBA.

***Fox News is using the word ‘refugee’ loosely because Nicola appears to be getting around (the world) with a student visa not as a refugee.  But, in fact it is just such visas that the UN and the Obama Administration are looking to in order to increase rapidly the number of Syrians coming to the US, see here.
Update:  Forgot to tell you where the photo came from:

Sudanese man charged with murdering Hispanic co-worker in PA meat plant

Ah the joys of multiculturalism brought to us by one more foreign-owned meat packing company….

Peter Jok Atem, 32 charged with murder

Longtime readers know that meatpackers love their cheap immigrant labor and are changing the face of small town America by luring refugee and other immigrant laborers to towns across the country for jobs that they say Americans won’t do.  This is one of many posts on the subject here at RRW.

Senator Jeff Sessions told us here that BIG Meat is behind the amnesty push.

The alleged murderer is most likely a refugee as the State Department and its contractors bring many from the Sudan to your communities.  Immigrants from some cultures apparently can’t take a joke so I guess we will soon need re-training in what is funny and what isn’t in our diverse workplaces.

From (Hat tip:  Pungentpeppers):

“Prosecutors say an employee at a Franconia meat-packing plant was stabbed to death after feuding with and pranking his co-worker.

Danny Vazquez, 25, is dead for pulling a prank on African immigrant co-worker. Didn’t Mopac see this coming? Photo and more here:

Peter Jok Atem, 32, was charged with first-degree murder Thursday, a day after he allegedly stabbed 25-year-old Danny Vazquez at the Mopac plant on Souder Road.

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office said Vazquez on Tuesday had tried to pull a chair out from under Atem. An employee who witnessed the prank told detectives that Atem said he was “going to get you for that.”


A Mopac employee told detectives that Atem and Vazquez had been “having words back and forth . . . for the past six months,” the complaint says.  [Mopac is owned by JBS (Swift) a Brazilian owned company.—ed]

Atem, who was born in Sudan and lives in Lansdale, has no criminal record of violence. But in cases from 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 he was charged with driving under the influence, driving an unregistered vehicle, and disorderly conduct, and was evicted by his landlord.”

Click here for more meatpacker-generated criminal, cultural and societal problems.

Tel Aviv: Attempted rape of a child by African migrant stirs controversy again

I wonder if Obama heard about Israel’s illegal alien problems when he landed there today?

We’ve been reporting the on-going controversy in Israel about African refugees, asylum seekers, illegal aliens (whatever!) coming across Israel’s borders especially now that Egypt has become even more unfriendly to the Jewish state.  See our category Israel and Refugees.

Israeli citizens in South Tel Aviv protest the presence of African illegal migrants in May 2012. photo credit: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

In the past week, things boiled over again when a Sudanese man broke into a home allegedly intending to attack a child.

From Haaretz on March 13th:

A Sudanese man broke into a home in the south Tel Aviv neighborhood of Yad Eliyahu at 5 A.M on Wednesday morning and apparently tried to sexually assault an 8-year old girl.

According to an initial investigation, the man entered the home and headed straight to the child’s bedroom, at which point the mother, 40, heard her daughter crying and rushed into the room. She tried to stop the man, who stabbed her in the stomach with a knife and left her with moderate wounds.

When the father heard, he rushed to the room and managed to overpower the assailant, injuring him seriously.

Magen David Adom rescue services arrived after the family called the police and evacuated the man to hospital in unconscious and in serious condition, with injuries to his head. The mother and daughter were also taken to hospital and the daughter is now being examined.

The next day, March 14th, 100 people took to the streets to demonstrate against the presence of the Africans in their neighborhood:

From Indepth Africa:

Some 100 people burned a trash bin and blocked a major intersection in south Tel Aviv yesterday to protest the presence there of African migrant workers, following the attempted rape of an 8-year-old girl and stabbing of her mother…

By the way this then sends us back to Haaretz where there was an article about the demonstration the other day, but it appears to have been taken down.  I’m wondering if Haaretz downplayed the demonstration story because it coincided with the release of the Human Rights Report critical of the Netanyahu government which also came out on March 14th?

Just one more incendiary incident in South Tel Aviv

Here is a lengthy article at Al-Monitor critical of Israel for trying to deport illegal aliens/asylum seekers back to Africa.  You can read the whole thing yourself, but here is one segment near the end of the story:

Israeli politicians have been at the forefront of a campaign aiming to expel African asylum seekers from Israel. African refugees have been regularly referred to by politicians, and in media reports, as “infiltrators,” and accused of carrying diseases, stealing and raping Israeli women.

In May 2012, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the presence of African refugees in Israel “is very grave and threatens the social fabric of society, our national security and our national identity.”

Recently, this rhetoric has translated into violence.

Molotov cocktails were thrown at a refugee-run day care center last year, and violent riots broke out during right-wing protests against refugees through South Tel Aviv, an area where many African asylum seekers live. Asylum seekers have also been attacked in streets throughout the country.

On the same day as the alleged attempted rape last week, Human Rights Watch released a critical report on the Israeli government’s attempt to send “asylum seekers” back to Africa.

From the Jerusalem Post:

Human Rights Watch and the Hotline for Migrant Workers released a report on Wednesday stating that Israel is threatening detained Eritrean and Sudanese nationals, including asylum-seekers, with prolonged detention to pressure them to leave Israel.

The report said that since December 11, 2012, “Israel’s pressure has convinced several hundred detained Sudanese and one Eritrean to leave Israel, and in February 2013, some 50 detained Eritreans agreed under similar pressure to leave for Uganda.”

According to the report, all 50 of the detained Eritreans remain in detention.

HRW and the Hotline for Migrant Workers said that Sudanese and Eritreans face a real risk of harm if they return to their home countries.

The report said that under Sudanese law, anyone who has visited Israel faces up to 10 years in prison in Sudan and Sudanese officials have said the courts will apply the law.  

Next, the report stated that because of “credible persecution fears relating to punishment for evading indefinite military service in Eritrea, 80 percent of Eritrean asylum seekers worldwide are granted some form of protection.”

“Israel’s prolonged detention of asylum-seekers apparently aims to shatter all hope so they feel they have no real choice but to leave the country,” said Gerry Simpson, senior refugee researcher at Human Rights Watch.

Read it all.

It is happening everywhere in the world—the third world wants in to the first world plain and simple.  The first world has to say NO! at some point or ultimately risk collapse.   I think we have reached that point.

About the photo:  The photo and its accompanying story can be found here at The Times of Israel published in December 2012.