Iraqi refugee admissions—falling short already

Just an hour ago, before your kids even got their Halloween candy spread out on the kitchen table to properly  examine the loot, the AP was reporting the end of the month count on Iraqi refugees resettled to America.   You would think they could have waited at least until the official end (about 3 and a half […]

Charitable(?) groups beating the drum, closing the circle

In my view, here is how it works.   What works you ask?  The great taxpayer rip-off of course.   It doesn’t matter whether the groups are left-leaning environmental groups or the ten volags (non-governmental organizations) bringing refugees to America, the strategy is the same.   There are probably many more hands in our pockets then we can imagine,  it […]

10,000 visits mark is reached!

We know it isn’t much compared to the mega-blogs, but we just reached our 10,000 visits mark at RRW! Sometime in the last hour, and exactly 4 months from our first post, we reached this milestone for our down-home clearinghouse for news about Refugee Resettlement.   We plan to continue bringing you information about this complex program of the federal government […]

Haitian Immigrant brought AIDS to US

This report, originally from Reuters, was published all over the world yesterday. The strain of HIV that touched off the US AIDS epidemic and fueled the global scourge of the disease came to the continent from Africa via Haiti, according to a study released Monday. ——- “Haiti was the stepping stone the virus took when […]

Background on Iraqi refugees from Robert Spencer

I just came across this post by Robert Spencer on his Jihad Watch blog, explaining the Iraqi refugee situation. It’s from last December, but most of what he says could have been written today. Some of his points: [Some speak] of a “moral obligation on the part of the United States” to allow resettlement by […]

Fredericksburg: Is it “welcoming”?

Fredericksburg, Virginia, is receiving an influx of refugees, according to an Associated Press article today in that city’s Daily  Press. FREDERICKSBURG — – City officials are trying to determine how best to serve hundreds of refugees from Africa and the Middle East, amid concerns about the costs and during a time in which immigration has […]

Here we go again, another story of refugee neglect

It’s incredible to discover that the complaints about refugee resettlement agencies not doing their jobs are cropping up everywhere.   See our interview with Chris Coen of Friends of Refugees just two days ago.  Then here is an article about Burmese refugees from the St. Louis Post Dispatch the same day: A few of these families say […]