Calls for Angela Merkel to step down at huge demonstrations across Germany yesterday

Invasion of Europe news…. Thousands took to the streets yesterday, not just in Berlin, but across the country in furious demonstrations against the policies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel that have opened the gates of Europe’s most prosperous country to literally an invasion by the third world.   See the news here at the UK […]

Guest comment: Hannity interview explains why refugee flow so dangerous to us

Editor:  From time to time I post guest columns from readers.  Although a few days late, this is a very welcome piece.  I heard the interview live driving through South Dakota the other day and thought—you must all hear this!  Thanks to reader Julia for being on the same wavelength and sending me her comments. […]

All politics is local: Get rid of mayors like these!

Tomorrow I’ll have been on the road for two weeks and I’ve made stops in 7 states and put 2,000 miles on my car. There is a very clear pattern developing and I’m going to take each piece one at a time. Frankly, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know with my revelations […]

Washington: Iraqi refugee skips out of country days before rape trial

Here we go again…. Disgusting news (that doesn’t fit the Left’s narrative!) from World Net Daily‘s Leo Hohmann: A 49-year-old Iraqi refugee who came to the U.S. in 2003 has fled the country 48 hours before he was to stand trial in Kennewick, Washington, for allegedly raping a grade-school girl. Khalid Fathey reportedly boarded a […]

Unraveling Rutland (VT) may help every town in the same boat!

With mayors like these who needs enemies! Update: Refugees now a hot topic in gubernatorial race, see here. As I travel around the US meeting with citizens concerned about the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program, patterns are developing and one of those is that there is no doubt that when your town is targeted for a […]

It is all about a ready supply of cheap labor!

One important thing I’ve confirmed in my heartland tour of America so far is something I knew, but had never seen the evidence so clearly. Forget the idea that resettling refugees from the third world to your Midwestern towns is driven by compassion for the poor and downtrodden.  It is driven by greed and MONEY […]

Germany: Syrian refugees turn murderous over the weekend

….and it will likely get worse as time goes on! Invasion of Europe news….. I’m sure you’ve seen the news over the last day or so, but am posting links for those who haven’t. First from Reuters (Syrian refugee kills a pregnant woman with a machete): A 21-year-old Syrian refugee was arrested on Sunday after […]

Top Posts for the last week; road trip review (so far!)

Oh gosh, where do I begin to tell you about Refugee Resettlement Watch‘s road trip.  My head is spinning with all I’ve heard and seen and it would take me hours to tell you. First, though, below are the top three posts of the week.  Sorry I haven’t written much, but between driving and meeting, […]

Canada: Diversity is soooo beautiful! Is this website for real?

This is rich!  At a Somali website, a guy named Mohamud is blasting the Chinese in Canada. I thought all this multiculturalism was going to be so wonderful and we would all be “strengthened” by it. Editor’s note: Normally I’m a prude and don’t post profanity, but I am making an exception this time so […]

Rutland, VT: City aldermen demand answers as rift with mayor grows

As regular readers know by now, I am driving through the heartland to learn more about how towns and cities, seeded through the UN/US State Department with growing enclaves of ethnic diversity and where in most cases no effort to assimilate by the newcomers, is creating politically and socially tense communities. If I were to […]