Malaysian government ticked-off at UNHCR for not sharing refugee data, fear ISIS infiltration

Thanks to Joanne for sending this very useful story about how a government of a Muslim country, fearing terrorist infiltration of the refugee flow in to their country, can’t get the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to share data on those the UNHCR has given refugee ID cards to in Malaysia! Why should this interest […]

Australia welcoming Syrian Christian refugees….

….but they don’t want the mostly Muslim ‘refugees’ on Manus and Nauru—the ones the United States is planning to take off their hands***. As we wait for news about who the terror plotters are in Australia—the ones arrested for planning to take down an Australian airliner—I thought this short news item was telling.  How can […]

Trump Admin. will save a few bucks with smaller delegation to UN party in September

The United Nations holds its fall general assembly in September.  This is when ‘diplomats’ from all over the world come to New York for really what amounts to one big party on the town. It is also a time when the UN has an opportunity to bash America (except for when Obama was prez). Here […]

Another violent Somali in Minnesota….

Another knife-wielding Somali arrested  in Minnesota.  I missed this news and so I thought you might have as well. It occurred to me when reading this latest Somali news from Little Mogadishu at World Net Daily, that besides a possible proclivity toward violence, maybe a lot of these young Somalis are enjoying their drug of […]

“Assimilation” is in! “Integration” is out in Trump’s Washington

Here is a bit of good news from Washington. I’ve told you a few times over the years about how the open borders left rejects the word and the process for immigrants to assimilate and instead has focused on integration for immigrants—most recently here (Sarsour says Muslims must not assimilate). In Michael Patrick Leahy’s Breitbart […]

Dear White House: it isn’t just about the numbers!

I’m sorry to keep repeating myself, but this whole refugee controversy has devolved in to a discussion about two issues—the number of refugees we admit and security screening. What happened to the idea that communities would be informed about refugees arriving in their neighborhoods? What happened to any discussion about the enormous costs of resettling […]

US will save Aussie PM Turnbull’s political skin by taking rejected ‘refugees’

…..and American towns will see as many as 1,250 mostly Muslim detainees secretly dispersed and set free in Anytown, USA.  (Your town will not be notified if you have been chosen by the US State Department and its contractors*** to be the lucky recipients). Illegal alien swap! This swap of what amounts to illegal aliens […]

Winooski, Vermont: Somali boy drowns, police criticized for poor communication with family

The refugee family had been in the US for a  year, but apparently still had poor English language skills. I’m posting this story just so readers in present and future ‘welcoming’ towns in America know what they have to get ready for—the cost of interpretation services. And, I think this is being set up as […]

One more story about immigrants/refugees fueling growth, this time in Minnesota….

I’m not an economist, but what exactly is growth—is growth more houses being built that gobble up open space? Is growth putting more cars on the road? Building more roads? Is growth constructing more schools and hiring more teachers? Building more Walmarts or more low-income housing? Does growth require more government agencies including for more […]

Can’t say it often enough: UN supports mass migration going on worldwide

This morning a recent article by Liam Clancy at World Net Daily came to my attention entitled: Trump throws wrench in U.N. plan to ‘replace’ U.S. population Obama stoked globalist agenda laid out in 2000 The article reports on the existence of a UN report from the year 2000 that lays out the case for […]