Michigan: Do we see a new trick by the US State Department to keep information from citizens?

For new readers, and for seasoned activists too, we have been telling you for several years to obtain your R & P Abstracts for your city. The R & P Abstract (Reception and Placement Abstract) is prepared by your local resettlement agencies each year in advance of the new fiscal year which begins October 1 (we […]

Pope Francis arrives in Burma, will he use the ‘R’-word—Rohingya?

We will be watching! By the way, in Burma (aka Myanmar), the majority Buddhist population does not think the group of people referred to as Rohingya are anything more than Bangladeshi ethnics who got in to the Buddhist country from Muslim Bangladesh over decades.  That is why the word, setting them aside as some special […]

Heritage Foundation finds over 100 missing comments late today; most very critical of refugee program

Earlier today we told you that many of you had contacted me to say you had commented at the Heritage Foundation website where the venerable Washington DC think tank had sought comments on its proposal to “reform” the US Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP), but that your comments were only visible to you (the author). See […]

I guess the Heritage Foundation doesn’t want to hear from you after all

Update #2:  Here is what I said about the missing comments being found. ***Update***  Happy news and happy reading! Some of you went to work today and just now I see that there are 137 comments posted (while the number had hovered around 28 since yesterday)!  All of you who contacted me are now posted […]

Minnesotan does some homework on refugee employment issue; comes to unexpected conclusion

Editor: From time to time I post guest columns from readers whose work adds significant new information to our discussion about how the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program is having an impact on your wallets and your quality of life. Here reader Bob Enos crunches numbers about Somali employment in Minnesota and finds some very interesting […]

Heritage Foundation leaves out one important consideration in its ‘plan’ for reforming refugee program—you!

First, you need to know that the Heritage Foundation, a huge ‘conservative’ think tank in Washington, hasn’t paid one lick of attention to the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) until this year, until Trump entered the White House. ***Update*** If you commented at the Heritage site linked below, and after opening the link in a […]

Poughkeepsie LOUDLY said no to refugees!

The political Left-wingers, like those at Church World Service, don’t like LOUD when it comes from the people who don’t want their towns and cities changed without their consultation. I had to laugh when I saw this headline at NPR: Opposition To Refugee Arrivals Keeps Getting Louder Don’t you know! Loud is bad if it […]

Minnesotan challenges MN CAIR director to public debate

For new readers: We often give readers an opportunity to post guest opinions here at RRW. This is one from a longtime Minnesota resident, Robert Carrillo, who attended the event last Saturday at the St. Cloud Public Library where CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) attempted to equate the internment of Japanese in the US […]

Australian detention center riot ended with PNG police clearing the facility

That is the news this morning from The National. Why does that matter to us?  Because some of those rioting and refusing to be moved to another processing center could end up in your town in America. Two days ago it was a different story. From the Times of Malta: Look at the video (in […]

HIAS out of the closet says Daniel Greenfield, Sarsour support confirms

Thanks to several readers who sent it, here is yet another reason for the US government to cut off funding for refugee resettlement groups who have become out-of-the-closet political agitation groups.  Longtime readers know that HIAS receives millions of taxpayer dollars to place refugees in unsuspecting towns and cities and they have led the charge […]