More on Europe’s illegal immigrants: spring migration has begun

We’ve reported to you on several occasions that when April arrives African migrants who have been staging on the northern coast of Africa attempt to reach Europe by sailing across the Mediterranean Sea.  The migration has begun and with it the deaths of many.

Here is the story out of Rome this week: 

Rome, 7 May (AKI) – A total of 101 illegal immigrants died in the Mediterranean Sea last month as they attempted to reach Europe from North Africa, according to an Italian watchdog.

The Fortress Europe watchdog claims the migrants died in Moroccan, Spanish, Tunisian and Egyptian waters. 

A delay in starting coastal patrols coordinated by the European border agency,Frontex, has also contributed to the surge in illegal immigrants in the Mediterranean this year, Fortress Europe said

Did you know that the European Union had this organization (Frontex) to patrol Europe’s borders?

And, here is the way some Muslim countries handle illegal aliens: 

The watchdog said in Egypt police continued to shoot and kill migrants at the border, while in Turkey, four Iranians drowned when Turkish police threw them in a river.

And all our border agents Ramos and Compean did was shoot a drug smuggler in the butt (who lived to smuggle another day) and they are doing more than 10 years in prison.

Our interest in this stems from the fact that if these illegals reach Malta they are magically transformed to refugee status and flown off to the United States compliments of the American taxpayer.   See our earlier posts on Malta. 


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