Numbers of refugees admitted to the US in 2007

Thanks to Chris here is a link to the 2007 ORR data for the number of refugees admitted, where they are from and to what state they were resettled.   

We admitted 48,281 refugees from 62 countries in 2007.

The top 6 sending countries were:

Burma:   9776

Somalia:  6958

Iran:  5474

Soviet Republics:  4583

Burundi:  4525

Thailand: 4059

 The top three “welcoming” resettlement states:

California:  6706

Texas:  4401

Minnesota:  3198

The bottom 3 least welcoming states:

Mississippi:   1

Montana:  3

Arkansas:   6

Then, last but not least, the state that has refused to take refugees!   Wyoming

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