In 1948 Arab leaders created the Palestinian “refugee” problem

Since I’ve now done two posts today on who is originally responsible for the refugee “crisis” in Iraq, it seems fitting to give you new information about who created the Palestinian refugees.

The so-called Palestinian “refugee” problem was created by Arab leaders who told Palestinians to leave the newly created Israel in order to facilitate its quick destruction.    Anyone who wanted to stay was called a traitor, according to new evidence reported today at Palestinian Media Watch (from Jihad Watch).   Read it all here

It occurs to me that this narrative of blaming Israel for 60 years for supposedly doing evil to the Palestinians has worked so well to keep hatred going that they are now using the same strategy on us.  Blame the US for all the refugee problems in Iraq and fuel the fires of hatred for generations to come.   The disgusting part is that Americans, especially in the NGO community are helping fan those flames by hiding the role Saddam Hussein played in the Iraqi humanitarian chaos.   And, our dhimmi leadership in Washington seems ready and willing to take the blame and guilt.

Why can’t the Bush Administration just stand up and say “look we didn’t create the entire Iraq refugee situation, we won’t take all the blame, the new government of Iraq needs to step up,  and dammit it’s about time that wealthy Arab countries like Saudi Arabia helped their fellow Muslim refugees–the Palestinians and the Iraqis!”

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