Houston: Somali teen kills Pakistani teen’s Mom

And, the Pakistani teen hired the Somali to do the job—to kill his own mother!  “Ain’t diversity grand?”  That is what Blulitespecial said when he sent this Fox News story this afternoon.   Here is the whole pathetic story:

On what seemed like an average day at HISD’s Lee High School, the buzz in the hallways centered on the two classmates arrested and charged with capital murder.

“I don’t believe it,” said one high school senior. “I can’t believe it.”

Yet, Danish Minhas and Nur Mohamed are jailed and due in court Thursday morning for the murder of 43-year-old Tabassum Khan. Khan was Minhas’s mother.

“Nur Mohamed confessed to stabbing Khan several dozen times,” said Sgt. Brian Harris of the Houston Police Department.

According to police, Mohamed is a Somalian-born student who was recently caught with drugs on campus. His friendship with Minhas, a Pakistani-born senior who made good grades and worked in Lee High School’s administrative office, blossomed in Spanish class.

On the surface, they seemed like an odd match. Classmates knew Mohamed as the guy who brought drugs to school. They knew Minhas as the guy who made the morning announcements over the campus intercom.  [They did have Islam and a disrespect for women in common.]

The Houston Police Department was considering offering the Pakistani guy an internship!

Even the Houston police knew of Minhas. On the day his mother was killed, Minhas was supposed to report to HPD Headquarters to interview for an internship. It would have been his second interview for the spot.

“Danish Minhas was in the law enforcement community,” said Harris. “He received several leadership awards.”

But according to police, Minhas confessed to recruiting Mohamed to kill his mother. Police found her dead in her apartment back in November.

So what did the Mom do to deserve to die?

Investigators say Minhas simply didn’t want to follow her house rules.

“These were not unusual restrictions- curfew, be home at night, stay off the freeway- very simple rules any parent that’s responsible would ask their child to do,” said Harris.

Thousands from countries deemed state sponsors of terror enter US on diversity visas

I am swamped this afternoon and don’t have time to do this story justice, but below are a few bits of the Fox News story to get you started.  Please read the whole thing and use our search function for ‘diversity visa lottery’ to learn more.  Hat tip:  A friend from TN.

The State Department is planning to welcome thousands of immigrants from terror-watch list countries into the United States this year through a “diversity visa” lottery — a giant legal loophole some lawmakers say is a “serious national security threat” that has gone unchecked for years.

Ostensibly designed to increase ethnic diversity among immigrants, the program invites in thousands of poorly educated laborers with few job skills — and that’s only the beginning of its problems, according to lawmakers and government investigations.

“There are a lot of holes in this program in terms of security and in terms of fraud,” said Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., who has written legislation aimed at killing the lottery.


The State Department’s Office of the Inspector General recommended in a 2003 report that terror-sponsoring nations be removed from the diversity visa program.

“OIG believes that this program contains significant vulnerabilities to national security as hostile intelligence officers, criminals and terrorists attempt to use it to enter the United States as permanent residents,” the office’s deputy inspector testified to Congress in 2004.

A separate report filed by the Government Accountability Office also faulted the program for being susceptible to widespread fraud. A cottage industry has emerged abroad to cater to the lottery, and it regularly bilks people out of massive amounts of money and even coerces some into marriage to keep their diversity visas.

Check out the list of countries from which we take more “diversity.”  Nigeria and Yemen are among them!

Lutheran NGO party shut down in Kenyan refugee camp

This incident happened in October of last year, but I’m just seeing it this morning for the first time.  Apparently, according to KANERE,* Kenyan police interrupted a party of humanitarian aid workers that frankly sounds pretty wild.   Here is the story about the incident at the Lutheran World Federation NGO compound at Kakuma Refugee Camp.

An unusual incident happened on Saturday night, the 10th of October, at the LWF compound when three policemen invaded a farewell party. The party was organized for German Technological Cooperation (GTZ) agency staff who were leaving the camp.

During the early hours of the evening, the group entertainment team engaged the audience with music and everyone was on their feet dancing to the beat of the music.

“It was very colorful and bright, with every beat matching the dancers; it was lively and fantastic,” said one partygoer of the experience.

At about 12:00 midnight, everyone in the hall was surprised when the loud music came to a dead stop. Unnoticed by revelers, several Kenyan police officers had arrived on the scene and ordered the DJ to stop playing the music.

“You must stop playing the music! This is heard beyond 30 yards and it’s against rules and regulation by the law,” one police officer reportedly said.

Without speaking to anyone, the police officer went directly to the main speaker, unplugged the cable, and halted the music. Then the other police officers claimed that the DJ was under arrest. The police officers went on to say that all the equipment used for the party was to be taken to the police station. However, the equipment was not owned by GTZ but instead belonged to Film Aid International, which had offered to assist the party with a music system.

Partiers got tense:

The DJ resisted and wanted to know the reasons for his arrest. He demanded that the police show him a warrant of arrest, which was not produced. The policemen claimed that they were not informed about the party ahead of time, and that the music was played at such a loud volume that it was disturbing the compound residents and people living around the area.

During the entire confrontation, GTZ staffs hosting the party remained seated, reportedly doing nothing to help the situation. Film Aid staff, on the other hand, engaged themselves in trying to stop the police. This caused them to argue with GTZ staff hosting the party.

The police caused a stir and created tension among the partygoers….

So tense they were drunk on the floor.  UNHCR security called.

The scene degenerated until LWF Compound Management was finally forced to call the UNHCR Head of Security Operations, Mr. Munuve, at 2:00 am. UNHCR security arrived approximately one and a half hours after the police had first invaded the party.

Mr. Munuve reached a dialogue by calling the LWF Compound Management, Film Aid Manager, and one of the police officers. They negotiated for some time until an agreement was reached at that odd hour of the night.

The police officers left the party without taking the DJ or the musical equipment. Partygoers clapped loudly in approval, while others were seen drunk on the floor and spent the night recuperating.

Those Lutherans sure do know how to have a good time!   By the way, did it occur to any of the partiers that devout Muslims in the camp that houses Somalis or even Muslims in the Kenyan police might have objected to loud western music and alcoholic beverages, both forbidden in Islam.

* Kakuma News Reflector says they are about “fair public debate on refugee affairs” and that is our goal too at RRW!

In exercising a refugee free press, we speak in respect of human rights and the rule of law in order to create a more open society in refugee camps and to develop a platform for fair public debate on refugee affairs.

No time now, but later I’ll check and see if any of your tax dollars go to this NGO.