Grover Norquist under fire on House floor yesterday

If you don’t know who Grover Norquist is, good for you!   However, the rest of you may know him as the supposed Svengali of the ‘no new taxes pledge’ and a reputed big shot and king-maker among the Republican establishment in Washington, DC, but he is a lot more than that.

We first told you about Norquist pushing fellow Republicans to support bringing tens of thousands of Iraqi refugees to the US, here in 2007.   Subsequently we have written about him on many occasions because he calls anyone who dares question his unsavory associations with now imprisoned terror funders—Islamophobes—and says Shariah law is compatible with the US Constitution (here).  Most people don’t know that he and Americans for Tax Reform (the group he founded more than 20 years ago) supported the Bush/McCain/Kennedy amnesty bill that the grassroots defeated in 2007, here.

Yesterday Virginia Republican Rep. Frank Wolf went after Norquist on the House floor.   Of course, Wolf is attempting to discredit the Pledge, but in so doing he exposes Norquist’s questionable activities over the years.   You can see Wolf’s whole speech and report, here.

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