“Outside-the-box idea” explains a lot

I told you just last week, at the time of the national pro-amnesty campaign kick-off by the Open Borders crowd, that I couldn’t understand why groups like USCRI (US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants) which must find jobs for deserving refugees could support the legalization of 12 million presently illegal aliens living in the US who would then be in direct competition with refugees for few jobs.

Here is a possible explanation in Christianity Today.   Bear in mind that the Top Ten (volag) Government Contractors and their 300 plus subcontractors are largely compensated by you, the tax payer, to act as  agents to find employment and plug clients into our welfare system.   They basically teach immigrants—up until now refugees and asylees—the ropes of our system so that they can get the most out of it.  You know, putting it crassly, they teach how to  milk the system.

Here is the “outside-the-box idea” (trial balloon? leak of insider discussions?) from an unidentified author (presumably the editor) at Christianity Today.

Refugee resettlement is one of the most successful church-state partnerships in the U.S. [Edit:  I beg to differ]. Using mostly volunteers [not enough true volunteers], faith-based groups have decades of operational experience resettling on average 50,000–60,000 refugees annually.

One outside-the-box idea would be for refugee-resettlement groups to work with the federal government to identify, screen, and process undocumented workers. The same services given to refugees—housing, education, health care, and employment—could be provided. Teaching respect for the law should be one necessary part of the integration process. The idea is not for a 1980s-style amnesty, but it is a way for willing churches to help assimilate undocumented workers and their families. (During the late 1980s, some immigrant-friendly congregations undertook such services successfully.)

I should have known there was a financial motive.  Since volags (supposedly voluntary refugee agencies) are paid by the number of refugees they resettle, increasing the CLIENT base would assure they stay in the money (your money)!

Liar, Liar pants on fire!  Then this next line really ticked me off.

It’s time to face the political reality: There is still no consensus for spending millions of taxpayer dollars on hunting down 11.9 million people and transporting them to their home nations.

This is the straw man argument.   No reasonable person is suggesting “hunting down” anyone.  If our present laws were enforced, many here illegally would leave on their own.   I thought Christians were not supposed to lie.

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