Immigration to be major issue in Russian elections….

…ethnic Russians want to keep their culture (what a surprise!).

From Monsters & Critics (emphasis mine):

Moscow – A warning by Russia’s top health official against employing migrant workers from Tajikistan because they have tuberculosis or AIDS has exposed rising political tensions over the country’s large migrant population.

The remarks by Chief Sanitary Inspector Gennadiy Onishchenko drew instant protest from human rights groups, who responded with data showing that the diseases were more widespread in Russia than in Tajikistan.

But Russian nationalists, who are becoming more vocal in their criticism of what they say is the government’s lax policy toward migrants, welcomed Onishchenko’s remarks.

The immigration debate is likely to be a major issue in the December election for Russia’s lower house, which is known as the Duma.

Some parties are running on a platform of restoring Russian national pride and vows to secure the future of the Slavic race. Critics say the far-right is venting its frustration with Russia’s social and economic problems on immigrants.

Russian President Dimitry Medvedev has called more than once for an election campaign free of xenophobia.

With some 12.5 million migrants, Russia is home to the world’s second largest migrant population after the United States, according to United Nations figures.

Russia purely for Russians!

In November, thousands of right-wing extremists demonstrated under the slogan ‘Russia purely for Russians’. They called on the ruling party to stop subsidizing the largely Muslim Northern Caucasus region with billions of dollars annually.

Too little too late?  In my opinion it’s bye-bye Russia.   Russians are dying young and are not producing enough children (they have an extremely high abortion rate) and most of the immigrants are Muslims who produce babies at a higher rate.  So what is your guess about the future of the Russian people?