Still taking a break, but I will return to posting daily …

…I’m just not sure when!  As I said here some weeks ago, there is too much going on politically in Maryland where I live that I haven’t been able to keep up my research on the Refugee Program.  I do have a little pile of mostly Somali refugee stories building up and hope to get to at least give you the links in a day or so.

Much to my surprise, our readership has not dropped to any degree since we haven’t posted.  If you go to the right hand sidebar note the Top Posts that are being consistently read and distributed to new readers.

Matthew Lee (AP Reporter) is an activist, not a reporter!

I wondered why an old post I wrote about Matthew Lee was getting so many hits so I googled and at the top of my search appeared this article—Matthew Lee grilling the US State Department over a decision involving UNESCO and the “so-called Palestinians.”   In 2008 Lee was the mouthpiece for the activists trying to get more Iraqis into the US.   Here is that old  post about Lee that is getting a lot of recent traffic.   Please watch Lee in action here on Monday!  Watch him bully the State Department spokesperson.   Matthew Lee is not a reporter but a political activist!

Also that old post on ‘Why so many Somali refugees’ continues to be the most visited post at RRW.