Taking a break!

Judy and I began Refugee Resettlement Watch in the summer of 2007 and now it’s time for a break.

We are entering one of the most critical political years in American history and there is much to do elsewhere.   Don’t get me wrong, this issue is still a very very important one and we aren’t going away completely.  From time to time, we will post things that interest us, but we don’t have time to read comments and sort through them—like (LOL!) the comment from ‘American Boy’ yesterday who speculated that we only write this lousy blog because we probably got fired from a resettlement agency for committing a felony.  Yeh, that’s it!  How did he guess!

Until we return full time, there is still lots of good information posted here.  We have written almost 4000 posts and you should be able to track any subject we’ve written about by using our ‘search’ function (it is really good), or check out our various categories.

If you have a good story or wish to reach me, write to Ann@vigilantfreedom.com.