Muslim Malaysia accused of abuse of refugees and migrant workers

This is a follow-up to my post of last week when I said that the UN High Commissioner for Refugees helped perpetuate a lie when he said the inspiration for caring for refugees comes from the Islamic religion.  If it does, Muslim countries are doing a horrible job of showing their kindness and charity to strangers—even their own religious kin.  Check out this blog about Muslim Malaysia and how immigrants are treated under an Islamic governed legal system. 

From Hornbill Unleashed:

Yet Malaysians treat foreigners worse than most countries in Asia. Malaysians’ fear and disdain for “the Other” people in our midst has found expression in the abuse and torture of migrant workers and refugees.

There are 171,000 refugees in Malaysia, fleeing persecution in their home countries. There are also estimated to be between two and three million migrant blue-collar workers, mostly Indonesian, Bangladeshi and Filipino, eking out a living in Malaysia.

The United States issued two reports this month, condemning Malaysia’s abuse of undocumented migrants.

The blogger goes on to discuss those reports and make this pretty powerful statement:

Malaysia’s brutal xenophobia can be partly explained by the institutionalised racism ingrained in our culture.

Gee, I wonder how it got ingrained.  Do we really think that by supporting a completely untruthful notion, that Islam is more charitable  to immigrants and refugees then Christian and Jewish religions that will help push brutal Muslim countries to be nice.  This is what commenter ‘Don’t buy it’ said at my original critical post linked above.

UNHCR is trying to encourage Muslim nations to act more muslim, to welcome the stranger and care for refugees. How did you miss the nuance in this argument.

“Nuance!”  We lie and pussyfoot around the truth and call it “nuance.”  What a bunch of chickens!   The UNHCR instead of sanctioning a lie should be telling it like it is—Muslim countries treat refugees and immigrants like slaves.  He should tell rich Arab countries like  Saudi Arabia to demonstrate their Muslim charity by taking refugees and treating them well.  Oh, and just a reminder it is Muslims who originally enslaved the Africans and still do!

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