French standing up to mass Muslim immigration destroying history and culture

News travels slowly these days when it’s of the politically incorrect sort!

I’ve mentioned Generation Identitaire here recently, but now it seems that earlier this month there was a massive rally in France in support of French historical and cultural values and AGAINST the Islamification of the country.

One of my favorite blogs, Gateway Pundit, has the story here, if you haven’t seen it yet.  From CBN News (be sure to watch the film!).

A patriotic march for French values and culture, and against radical Islam, was virtually blacked out by France’s politically correct media.

Over the weekend (Nov. 10th!), protestors chanted against Islamic fascism and about the French victory over Arab invaders in 732 A.D. It was the first march of its kind in France.

A broad coalition of groups from across France came together because they feel they’re losing their country to radical Islam, Sharia law, and a politically correct establishment that encourages the spread of Islam.

“Sharia law is slowly being enforced in our country and we want to march here to protest that because our government is doing nothing,” one French demonstrator said.

“The French people — they want to defend their culture, their history – they are called ‘fascists,’” one woman said.

“I don’t think it’s only a problem of France. It’s a problem of Europe. It’s also a problem for the U.S.A.,” another protestor said.

Isn’t it interesting that only a few years ago we (Americans) joked about the wussy French.  Guess the tables have turned and it is we who are the chickens.

WaPo: Who is Grover Norquist?

Oh goody!  Is the Washington Post really going to tell us the answer to the question—Who is Grover Norquist?  Not a chance.  See here.

Ol’ Grover is in the news these days (momentarily Fox News will trot him out) over his taxpayer pledge battle with revolting Republicans, but not one mainstream media outlet ever mentions what else Norquist is.  He is an open borders advocate and a friend of Islamists.   We have written many times on these pages and elsewhere about the real Grover Norquist.   Typing ‘Grover Norquist’ into our search function produces dozens of stories on his pro-amnesty, pro-Muslim immigration activities.

He told Soros’ Think Progress that Shariah law was compatible with the US Constitution, here, and called those who disagree with him “Islamophobes.”   In fact, you might want to visit the many stories I’ve written on Norquist (he of the ruling class), here at Potomac Tea Party Report.

His group, Americans for Tax Reform endorsed the Bush/Kennedy/McCain amnesty bill in 2007.   And, here is just one post from the summer of 2007 when he was pushing for more Iraqi refugees to be admitted to the US.  Considering his supposed position as a defender of the taxpayer, how does Norquist reconcile the cost to the US taxpayer of mass immigration?

The WaPo reporter, Aaron Blake, and other mainstream media faux journalists will never tell you what else Norquist is because that doesn’t fit the story they are promoting, that he is a Svengali holding the Republican establishment hostage with a piece of paper.

Are you looking for a way to become a warrior to save America?  Write a blog (until they wrest free speech and the internet from us).  But, not a ‘gadfly’ blog, a focused research blog!

Remember Saul Alinsky!

Alinsky’s Rule 13 (one of Obama’s favorites!):

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

How about Grover Norquist News Watch?  Or, Susan Rice Revealed, or here’s one I like—Samantha Power Exposed ….you get my drift.  Focus!  Focus!  Focus!

Norway wants to deport Palestinians back to Iraq; Iraq is safe

Before I get to this bit of news, I bet you are wondering how Palestinians came from Iraq to Norway (instead of from Gaza) in the first place.  A few years ago we wrote extensively about the subject.

As you are probably aware no one wants the Palestinians—and that means NO Muslim country wants them either.  Well, except Iraq under Saddam Hussein who invited Palestinians to live in Iraq during his regime.   So, to make a long story short, when the Sunni minority was basically overthrown with the help of the US, the Palestinians, in the minds of the Shiites, were associated with the departed Saddam Hussein.

Fearing retribution from the newly energized Shiites, a large group of Iraqi Palestinians fled to Syria but were denied entry and so a Palestinian camp was set up on the border of Iraq and Syria. Much agitation from the US refugee industry lobbyists and the UN culminated in a July 2009 national news storythe US would begin taking these Iraqi Palestinians (1350 to start)!   They were scheduled to be admitted in the numbers allotted for Iraqis so that you wouldn’t know we were bringing Palestinians to your towns.  I assume those shipments are on-going.

So, who are these “Iraqi” Palestinians in Norway that Norway wants to deport?  Who knows!   They could be from anywhere.  If they were among the “refugees” that no Muslim country wanted on the border of Syria and Iraq, they didn’t make the cut to come to the US.

Now they are camping out in Oslo with a banner that proclaims, “we don’t want to fight, we just want our right.”

Here is the story from the Women News Network:

(WNN) Oslo, NORWAY: Twenty-five Palestinian refugees who managed to escape persecution in Iraq and find their way to Norway they continue to live in harsh conditions after their asylum applications were refused. Some have deportation (‘forced relocation’) orders pending. The Norwegian immigration service based its decision with refusal of these Palestinians on a June 2012 report issued by Norway’s land information branch, stating that Iraq is now considered safe for their return.

The report quotes Mohamed Abu Bakr, charged with managing the file of the Palestinian refugees in Jordan, who said that “the living conditions for Palestinians in Iraq is now much better than it used to be back in 2003.” He added, “Palestinians today have the same citizenship rights as the Iraqis.”

Read it all  Those Socialist countries in Scandinavia sure are having a tough time of it these days as they are overrun with Muslim immigrants.

Through much blood and treasure we gave Iraq a democratically elected government.  The country is safe now, Obama says so.  Then why is the US still taking thousands of Iraqi refugees each year?

On the stats for US resettlement!

By the way, this reminds me, up until yesterday we could readily get the statistics for arriving refugees but the feds are now blocking the average citizen from finding out who is coming, from where, and where they are being resettled into the US.   I used to at least be able to get to the statistics through the ‘Cultural Orientation Resource Center’ here.  Now they re-direct readers to WRAPSnet and that government website is now password protected (when I get a minute I’ll apply and see if they reject me!).

For some rough idea of who we are bringing to the US, you might want to go to the President’s FY2013 Report to Congress here, which backs up Obama’s refugee wishlist for the fiscal year we are now in.  (This report is not to be confused with the much more detailed ORR annual report to Congress that ORR is illegally withholding from Congress).

So, back to my question, if we gave Iraq a democratically elected government, why did we bring 9,388 Iraqis to the US in FY 2011 and 12,000 in 2012 (p. 50 of the President’s wish list for 2013.)?

While you are visiting that report, check out Page 58 where it’s noted that this program to bring on average less than 70,000 refugees to the US each year costs over ONE BILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS!   And, that does not include all the welfare programs and education they are receiving in your city and state.

If you are wondering why I write so much about Socialist countries like Norway, Sweden and Denmark here at RRW, it’s because we can look to them to see our future.   And, it isn’t pretty!

Will we one day have Palestinians camping on the streets of Washington demanding their “rights?”

More on the Diversity Visa Lottery ….

Yesterday, Steve Sailor, writing at VDARE, gave us a history of the “Irish lottery” (now the Africa/Middle East lottery) here and suggests it will be a cold day in Hell before the Republicans can kill the thing.


House Republicans have scheduled a vote for this Friday on an immigration compromise guaranteeing green cards to foreign STEM advanced degree holders in return for the end of Ted Kennedy’s two-decade old Diversity Visa Immigration Lottery.


So, good luck Republicans on being against the diversity immigration visa lottery just because it’s a bad law. The GOP doesn’t control the myth-making machinery, and that’s what counts.

Read it all and see how the lottery has already produced at least one Islamic terrorist.

See my previous post on the Republicans’ bill, here.